Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bees Knees

I don't know all the technical terms or bee knowledge.  The bees and garden are my hubby's "rodeo", but I assist when asked and am the photographer.  I am fascinated with the bees but can't tell you how to do a thing. ha!
So, we technically started beekeeping this time last year with one Russian nuc.  We lost it over the winter to verola mites.  Not sure how to spell that one...
My husband was NOT happy.  I purchased him another nuc for Christmas but it wouldn't arrive until May 12th.  He couldn't wait that long, so he ordered a package of Russians from a company in Kentucky.  Well...long story short, they got "lost in the mail".  They were priority mailed on a Saturday and supposed to arrive in 2 days.  They got here 8 days LATER!!  Now, due to company policy, a replacement package was mailed out on day 7 of not having the bees.  So, when we got bee package #1, most were dead, but the queen was alive.  We are currently hoping for the best.  Then, two days later, the replacement hive arrived FULL of bees.  And, that is how we ended up with the first two hives this year.  Two for the price of one.  At the expense of many, many bees. :(
And, then Big Bear was asked to take a swarm off another beekeepers hands in exchange for helping him move some of his hives one night.  That was a bee adventure!!
And, that is how we ended up with hive #3 with the natural comb not on a frame.  Gorgeous!
At this point, the Christmas hive I got him for Christmas is about to arrive and I am dying to add another color into the mix on the hive boxes! ha!  So...add bee decorator to my list! ha!  All our first year hives will be yellow, white and....
Saturday, the Christmas nuc was ready for pick up and they were aggressive, so for the first time since we have had bees, I wore a bee jacket too!!  
I think we look like astronauts!! LOL!
Look how good that orange looks!! :)  I will get it mixed into the others as we add layers. 
 I just don't care who you are, that has to be beautiful!!  Bees are fascinating creatures!
Big Bear says unless we catch another swarm, we are staying at 4 hives this year....

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Busy Busy!!!

FYI - the post below was supposed to post days ago and didn't post until today.  Not sure what happened.

We have basically worked all week to get the house/farm ready for guests today.  You know what that means...working all day and coming home to endless chores of mowing, weedeating, cleaning (on top of your regular chores and end of school year stress...what was I thinking? LOL!)
Here are the past 3 days in pictures and the short version, because it's shaping up to be another busy week!! Will summer EVER get here???
Friday was Field Day!  I love and hate field day.  I'm so competitive and can't handle it when it's not clear who the winner is! :)  I got to hang out and help one of my favorite groups who also happen to be super competitive, so even though no one else "kept score", we knew we were winning! Ha!
Saturday, I started my day with a cute visitor who just loved all the animals and was adorable while doing it!  My cousin (her grandma) was able to get her 2 year old pictures while at the farm.  I can't wait to see how they turn out!
After our farm photo session, I hit the road to see my niece in a horse show. It's the first one I was able to make this year so far.  I got there just as my dad was showing in Men's Gaited - he took 2nd place. :)
I am so, so glad that my niece is back from California!!  Look at that smile! :)
My mom is back in the saddle again and showed Chester in 2 classes!  Go mom!!
I had to leave before the speed events because Big Bear got his Russian nuc in that I ordered him for Christmas and we needed to put the bees in the hive.  Now with FOUR hives and these dudes were aggressive, so even I suited up.  First time for me to ever suit up!
But I was super pumped because I spotted the queen (bottom right corner).
Big Bear was very happy with this nuc.  Super healthy looking.  
And just like that, we are a four hive farm! 
After a few other chores on Saturday night, we were ready for Sunday's family day at the farm!
Bubba Bear was worn slap out after today!  We had my family and Big Bear's family over.
And somehow this is the only picture we got!  All day!! I sat my phone down when everyone got there and didn't pick it up until it was just my mom and dad and us!  Great feeling, but it is also my camera!  ahhhh!
Happy Mother's Day!


Last week was crazy whirlwind ... updates are: 
Pop was going to vet for his limp.  The day of his appointment, he was walking normal!! PRAISE!  I got to cancel the appointment!! Yay!!  Have I mentioned how I love this goat? :)
My Tahoe that left me stranded on the side of the road and had to be towed was fixed the very next day with only a $400 bill total - tow and all!  Not bad.
Big Bear's grandma passed away last week and we traveled for the funeral.  It is a beautiful thing though when someone lives a life of 91 years, loves Jesus and leaves a family legacy behind. 
Jethro showed me how much he missed me while I was gone...
It's all a blur so I don't even remember which day I did it, but I moved the littles outside to the "transition" coop and area next to Cluck Cabin that they will eventually move into.
Rosey was checking them out! :)
As for our bee saga...the hive that was lost in the mail for 8 days is still going.  Looks like it's going to make it.  The replacement hive arrived on Monday and is thriving.  THEN, a friend called and offered up a free swarm.  On Saturday, we pick up the nuc that I got Big Bear for Christmas.  So, we will have 4 hives!!!  I will give full updates next post!!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Esther by Beth Moore

I think anytime you are in the Word of God, you are winning!  And, I personally love and crave workbook style Bible Studies.  But, this one wasn't one of my favorites.  It took me longer than it should have to get through it.  

Summary from amazon:
Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman - Leader Guide by Beth Moore provides the step-by-step guidance for a leader to facilitate this 9-week women's Bible study. Join Beth in a very personal examination of the Old Testament story of Esther as she peels back the layers of history and shows how very contemporary and applicable the story is to our lives today. If you've ever felt inadequate, threatened, or pushed into situations that seemed overpowering, this is the Bible study for you.
Just as it was tough being a woman in Esther's day, it's tough today. This portion of God's Word contains treasures to aid us in our hurried, harried, and pressured lives.

Cleo Edison Oliver Playground Millionaire by Frazier

This is our current 1District 1Book that we are all reading at school.  I have to admit that I didn't really like it.  Made myself finish it.  I didn't like the main character.  Thought she was a horrible example of a friend.  I also didn't like the way they handled the adoption topic.  Not a fan. :(

Summary from
Cleopatra Edison Oliver has always been an entrepreneur, just like her inspiration, successful businesswoman Fortune A. Davies. So when Cleo's fifth-grade teacher assigns her class a "Passion Project," Cleo comes up with her best business idea yet: the finest "tooth-pulling" company in town. With the help of her best friend Caylee, a Nerf gun, her dad's tablet, and her patented Persuasion Power, Cleo's Quick and Painless Tooth Removal Service starts to take off.

But even the best made plans, by the best CEOs, go awry sometimes. A minor barfing incident during a tooth-pulling operation causes Cleo to lose customers. Caylee, initially enthusiastic about the business, grows distant as Cleo neglects their friendship in lieu of getting more customers. And when a mean classmate makes fun of Cleo for being adopted, everything comes crashing down. Will she be able to rescue her business, salvage her friendship with Caylee, and discover that her true home has been here all along?

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Before and After

I got a little bonus at work and decided with Big Bear's knee surgery, it was the perfect time to hire someone to tile the floors in the extra room.  After all, the tiles had been sitting in the barn for a year and half!!
So...before: (This is the room Big Bear keeps his stuff.  We don't share a closet or bathroom!!)
I decided it was basically an eye sore and I was tired of it.  You can see in it from the living room.
I moved all the furniture out myself.  Had help with the big piece.  Then, I started ripping up carpet.  Nothing like a determined woman! LOL!  I borrowed a scrapper thing from the custodian at work and go the carpet glue up.
Basically, everything was shoved into the craft room.  I couldn't get to anything.  And, then the tile guy rescheduled from Tuesday to Wednesday.  And, then he needed to do it on Thursday or the next week.  He ended up laying the tile on Thursday but coming back the following Monday to grout.  Then another 24 hours to dry.  I was about to lose it!!!  But it was worth it in the end.
And, the cats loved the piles of stuff to make beds on...see that calico spot!?!
We knocked out quarter round the next Sunday afternoon...
The tile is gorgeous!!  So now, of course, I want to do our bedroom! ha!

It is much cleaner and refreshing now.  Happy Wife = Happy Life!