Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Chicken Doctor

I guess the more chickens you add, the more chicken drama you add!  Saturday, Big Bear noticed that Ginger, one of my Rhode Island Reds, had part of an egg hanging from her rear end.  Enter drama.  I removed the rest of the egg and cleaned her up.  She seemed otherwise ok.  
Next day though, I noticed she was discharging a fluid.  Rest of egg maybe???
I thought maybe egg bound???  Not sure.  So, I researched and decided to try cleaning her up and soaking her bum in warm water.  

I was able to soak her a good bit.  I separated her and put her in the chicken nursery for the night.  I know I did all I could for her.  But in the end, my skills weren't enough to save her.  She was gone by morning.

RIP Ginger...you lived a good chicken life and we will miss you!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Week in Pictures

Started the week off in my new job with a professional development led by Sidney Moncrief!  First week on new job and am loving it!
Our nephew has been living with us for the past 6 weeks and this week was his last week with us. His wife, Allison, was in town some this week so we got to spend some good family time on the farm.  It was bittersweet to say goodbye.  We're going to miss him!
But I love this picture of Allison!  Look at that smile!
Chickens make people HAPPY!  
Bully leading the pack!

Look at those EGGS!  Had to get them ready to sell, so egg washing party it is!
Pop starting limping this week...of course!  But he is already getting better.  I swear him and Crunch just play and shove each other too hard!
I let ALL the goats out this weekend and the little fella's cooperated just right nice going back in.  I was a proud goat mom! :)
Also let my youngest chickens out to free range for the first time.  Success!
And, Katniss pretty much sums up the overall feeling for the week!!!! LOL!
This week is the first week with students...so basically another crazy week of trying to juggle all my duties.  But after this week, things SHOULD settle back into a routine.  Fingers crossed!

Entrusted by Beth Moore

I love a good Bible Study and I love me some Beth Moore!  I picked this up to be my summer Bible Study, and then a few days later I got a message from Lifeway that it was her summer study with the videos for free if you signed up.  I can easily recommend this study to anyone.

Summary from Lifeway:
We were never meant to take this journey of faith alone or in secret. God has entrusted us with the great and mighty gift of the gospel, something too precious and life-giving to keep to ourselves.

In this 6-session Bible study, Beth will encourage you to guard what God has entrusted to you, further His kingdom by sharing Christ with others, and pour into future generations just as Paul once mentored Timothy. Because in this journey of joy and hardship, we need each other to stay the course and live a life of faithfulness.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


We are all adjusting to momma being back at work this week.  The daily juggling of duties has begun.  Trying to shuffle all my tasks and chores and make sure everyone gets plenty of love.  Week 1 is in the books and I think we had a successful transition week.  It gets harder as the days get shorter.  But for this week and next week, we are focusing on getting to bed on time and adjusting our sleep patterns and morning routines. 
Picture proof that all is well...
Tina Turner enjoying an afternoon rain
These two disrupting my Bible Study peace!!
Filtered water please and thanks!
Feeding time!
My newest layers
Identity crisis
Sharing farm secrets

Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 8 (final week) of Summer Break!

As I type this, I can't believe this was just a week ago!  Time flies when summer is coming to an end!! :(
I started my final week of summer break, with summer scrap camp with my BFF.  We scrapped at Maumelle Park again and neither one of us was in the scrapbooking mood when we got there.  We just needed a break!! LOL!  But, then inspiration struck and somehow I managed to get 72 pages done!  Woohoo!  We packed up Monday afternoon.  (stayed Saturday night and Sunday night)
Then, chicken drama hit!  Full force!  Before I left to go scrappin', I had arranged to get a young pullet to be buddies with the ONE I had from classroom hatchings at the end of the school year.  All the others turned out to be roosters.  
Sadly, on the same day I was going to pick up the newbie.  We discovered something had gotten a hold of Henny Penny.  So, I felt guilty for getting a new chicken on the day I had lost one of my oldies.  But I guess that's how chicken math works.  
I have an Americauna to go with my mix stray! LOL!
I also managed to rehome TWO roosters this week!!  Facebook is good for some things!!
And then the next day, Bully was unaccounted for at coop up time!  I was a mess!! I have never lost two chickens in two days and Bully was my favorite chicken.  I cried and cried.  Then, the next morning, there she was in the backyard.  Turns out (after a day and a half of trying to find her and solve the mystery), she was broody and in a darn good hiding spot about it!!
So. off to chicken jail she went for 3 days!  Probably hurt me more than her! LOL!
I got my first blue egg this week!!!  (and, it was also the egg that Bully was sitting on!  Guess she thought it was pretty too! ha)
Big Bear and I spent the day on Friday hitting flea markets with my parents along Hwy 64 and 65.  Found a few treasures. :)
Now, Saturday, I did something I wasn't sure I could do!!  I helped a friend process 6 of her meat chickens.  First let me say, meat chickens are totally different than my beautiful egg chickens.  They are huge.  They are ugly.  They stink. And, all they do is lay around.  In my opinion, people who say ugly things about chickens, (like the smell), it comes from only being around these meat birds. Yuck!
But, I did it from beginning to end.  We made sure it was a very humane process.  But, I am certain I have no interest in having meat birds.  That was a lot of work!!
I will be sticking to my beautiful happy egg chickens.  Thank you very much! LOL!
Sunday, we wrapped up the week with a trip to my parents farm to finish the repairs on our riding lawn mower and help them with their horse barn.
All good things must end.  Tomorrow is back to work.  Today, I enjoy the little moments of summer I have left. 

Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate

LOVED IT!  Put it on your "to read" list.  I loved the local connections, the characters and the fact that it inspired by actual events that happened.  Check it out.  Read the summary below and decide for yourself.  This book rescued me from a book slump!  I had started a book before this and just couldn't even finish it.  That rarely happens for me!  

Summary from amazon.com:
MemphisTwo families, generations apart, are forever changed by a heartbreaking injustice in this poignant novel, inspired by a true story, for readers of Orphan Train and The Nightingale.

Memphis, 1939. Twelve-year-old Rill Foss and her four younger siblings live a magical life aboard their family's Mississippi River shantyboat. But when their father must rush their mother to the hospital one stormy night, Rill is left in charge--until strangers arrive in force. Wrenched from all that is familiar and thrown into a Tennessee Children's Home Society orphanage, the Foss children are assured that they will soon be returned to their parents--but they quickly realize the dark truth. At the mercy of the facility's cruel director, Rill fights to keep her sisters and brother together in a world of danger and uncertainty.

Aiken, South Carolina, present day. Born into wealth and privilege, Avery Stafford seems to have it all: a successful career as a federal prosecutor, a handsome fiancĂ©, and a lavish wedding on the horizon. But when Avery returns home to help her father weather a health crisis, a chance encounter leaves her with uncomfortable questions and compels her to take a journey through her family's long-hidden history, on a path that will ultimately lead either to devastation or to redemption.

Based on one of America's most notorious real-life scandals--in which Georgia Tann, director of a Memphis-based adoption organization, kidnapped and sold poor children to wealthy families all over the country--Lisa Wingate's riveting, wrenching, and ultimately uplifting tale reminds us how, even though the paths we take can lead to many places, the heart never forgets where we belong.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Chicken Adventures!

This has been one adventurous (stressful) chicken week!!  First, while I was gone scrapbooking with my BFF, one of my ladies was attacked by something and we had to put her down.  Then, the very next day, at chicken scratch/coop up time, Bully was no where to be found.  I looked everywhere for her.  In all the hiding places and more!  My nephew even came out and helped look for her.  Big Bear was looking.  She had 3 people searching.  I even went out on the 4 wheeler and looked for feathers, signs of struggle, anything.  All we found were two chicken hawks watching us.  And, then I knew.  Or...I thought I did!  
We were out well past dark looking.  I even moved the game camera to the chicken pen.  And, went out multiple times after dark checking.  Two chickens in two days, I was a mess!!!  Add to that, Bully is my favorite chicken.  I cried.  A lot.  I even dreamed that she showed up and got in the bed like a cat and slept with me and Big Bear! LOL!  I was dreading going out to let the chickens out this morning.  My eyes were swollen from crying.  I had stayed up way too late researching how to battle chicken hawks.  I was one upset chicken lady.
I finally drag myself out of bed determined that no one was free ranging today and I was going to clip wings.  I walk out the back door and there she is.  Just chilling out and looking at me like "I'm hungry.  It's about time lady!"  Seriously?!?  WHERE WERE YOU?  If only chickens could talk!!
No injuries.  She seems just as sassy as always.  Bully lives! I'm happy!