Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kevin's Graduation Video

It is about 4 minutes long - sit back and enjoy! The first picture is from the first day when he got in...you can see the change in him as you watch. And yes, that is him as Santa and him on the bongo's. He got to pick his song...make sure your speakers are on. God is good! :-)

**On another note, today is day 3 of the Love Dare & today is Love is not selfish. We had to buy something today for each other to show that we thought of the other during the day. And, we still had to use Love is patient and bite our tongues if the other irritated us. So far, so good!

Hope you enjoyed the video ~ I have watched it many times and praised God for Kevin and John 3:16!!

*if you want to see the video larger than this - go to the John 3:16 site and go to the 1st March 15th video.

Monday, March 30, 2009

More than you probably wanted to know...

Ok...I have sorted through all the pictures and tried to share the best with you. Your announcements went in the mail this afternoon with our favorite picture on it! Woo-hoo! Today was back to the real world for us after two weeks of living in fantasy land of Kevin's graduation, coming home, getting married and running off to St. Lucia! Good stuff!!

Seriously, the wedding was perfect! And, St. Lucia was just what we needed. We stayed at the Almond Smuggler's Cove on the northern tip of the island. It is a BEAUTIFUL island if you are looking for a vacation. This resort was perfect for what we wanted which was to veg out on the beach and giggle at calling each other 'husband and wife'!! ha! We really just hung out at the resort except for the day we went to the capitol city and shopped. It was a small beach but we went during the week and were never deprived of a good spot on the beach to sit and enjoy the sand and water! The food at this resort was excellent - even Kevin, the food critic, agrees! It was also neat that this resort asked you to dress up for dinner, so we had actual "dates". I loved every minute of it! We promised to go back for our 5 year anniversary and explore the west coast of the island. :-)

I did manage to finish one book on the plane ride there (Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwell) and finished another lying on the beach (Sinister Shorts by Perri O'Shaughnessy). And, I am 3/4 finished with another Patricia Cornwell from the ride home. I love a good mystery!! However, if you do not read or haven't read any of the Kay Scarpetta series with Patricia Cornwell, then don't start with these two or you will be lost! It took a bit to get into the first one because I've been giving all my attention to James Patterson lately when I get a chance to read.

Ok...last thing and then I'll shut-up!! LOL! Once we got home from the honeymoon, we started The Love Dare. Have you heard of it? My BFF recommended it and we are on day 2. Yesterday was Love is Patient and we had to bite our tongue if our spouse irritated us and not say anything negative. Today is Love is Kind and we have to do an unexpected gesture of kindness for our spouse. I'll keep you updated on this 40 day journey... :-)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Honeymoon pics!

Enjoy the pics today and I'll tell you about the resort tomorrow... :-) We still have a bit of jet lag or at least I do! And, I'm in denial that I have to go back to work tomorrow! ha!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

we're home!

We were perfectly happy and content this week...I didn't really feel ready to give up my relaxed feeling or my spot on the beach. I could listen to the waves roll in all day!!
"I have to leave all this?" heehee...paradise for my cook!!
"But seems like we just said hello!"
These parrots at the resort would say hello and laugh with you when you said hello to them.

Yep, sadly, we are home! I could stay another week or two in St. Lucia (if I could have Jax with me too! ha!)
more pictures tomorrow...we are catching up on sleep today. Last night was spent in the airport sleeping on a cot in the freezing COLD! We went from perfect 85 degree weather to 40 degree weather here. yuck! We had trouble getting into Dallas last night...storms and high winds had the airport down to one run-way. The flight before us was cancelled. We got into Dallas about 1 am and then had to wait (and sleep there) until 6am for our flight back here. But it was all worth it!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What I want to remember...

I know that the picture above most people wouldn't like because it is dark, but I like the colors and the shadows...
My favorite memories from the day that I want to always remember are:
*How Kevin saved the bouquet by taking it apart and pulling out the all extra stuff the florist added & putting it back together exactly like I visioned it. What a guy!
*I was never nervous about marrying Kevin ~ only about everything getting done & last minute glitches. But once again, Kevin saved the day!
*I want to always remember the giddy feeling and how we would look at each other and just smile REALLY big!
*I was so ready to be Mrs. Benson that when Glen was going over the rings and I had to repeat after him, I was getting ahead of him! LOL!
*I loved that our parents were there to share this special moment with us.
*Oh, and how could I forget?!? I didn't fall down in heels on gravel!! A big accomplishment for my clumsy self! Ha!

I do love this man with all my heart!Be back in a week...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Love Black & Whites

Glen was our marriage counselor and minister for the wedding. He has been a big source of encouragement and support for me & Kevin over the past few months.
I have edited all the wedding pictures this morning and made about 20 of them into black & whites. We made our announcement to send out when we get back from St. Lucia and made it black & white too. :-) We ended up with 177 pictures total ~ yippee! A scrapbookers dream! HA! Big thanks to Dad & Momma Gayle for constantly snapping those cameras!!
Kevin & I spent our first day as husband & wife laughing and giggling all day, browsing local flea markets and antiques (a fav past-time of ours), and grilling steaks. Yummy! On the way home, we stopped at the meat market and Kevin got Jax a big chew bone & us some steaks. We were all very content yesterday!!
Now, it's time to start our day together today...
*PS. This is a new blog, so thank you for your patience with the glitches. I believe I fixed the comment glitch from yesterday. All by myself too - Lindsay who has to do all my fixes and designs would be so proud! And, I am still trying to figure out why I can't make capital letters!!! ha! :-)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wedding Pictures!!!

We had a small ceremony at John 3:16 ministry with just our parents last night. It was perfect!! We have been planning this for a few weeks but wanted to give everyone a happy surprise....so SURPRISE!!! heehee! We are planning a big reception/picnic in April for everyone. More to come later....

Welcome to OUR blog!!

We did it! We finally got married!!! Woo-hoo!!For those of you who have followed us at my old blog, you know our story. It has been a journey to get to where we are today, but a journey I would take again to get here!! I married my very best friend in world yesterday. We are realistic that in life there will be trials, but we know we can get through anything with God and each other.
Our story started years ago as elementary kids in children's church on Sunday's. He will also tell you that in the 3rd grade, I made fun of him for crying because he was scared of his teacher. What a mean kid I was! ha! When we were 15, we even dated most of our 10th grade year (I think I shared those teenage pictures of us before). Even when it didn't work out, we were great friends in high school and best friends in college. The only time that we drifted apart was during our first marriages. Funny how life works, within a year or so of each other, we were both divorced and had re-connected. We have a much greater appreciation of each other because of our first marriages.
And, now look at us, MARRIED!! So, if you are interested in where the story goes from here, then just check back here with us. This is a blog of our journey...the good, the bad, the boring and the exciting! :-)