Saturday, March 28, 2009

we're home!

We were perfectly happy and content this week...I didn't really feel ready to give up my relaxed feeling or my spot on the beach. I could listen to the waves roll in all day!!
"I have to leave all this?" heehee...paradise for my cook!!
"But seems like we just said hello!"
These parrots at the resort would say hello and laugh with you when you said hello to them.

Yep, sadly, we are home! I could stay another week or two in St. Lucia (if I could have Jax with me too! ha!)
more pictures tomorrow...we are catching up on sleep today. Last night was spent in the airport sleeping on a cot in the freezing COLD! We went from perfect 85 degree weather to 40 degree weather here. yuck! We had trouble getting into Dallas last night...storms and high winds had the airport down to one run-way. The flight before us was cancelled. We got into Dallas about 1 am and then had to wait (and sleep there) until 6am for our flight back here. But it was all worth it!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Mrs. Benson!! I missed you!

Tasha said...

welcome home!