Thursday, April 2, 2009

Busy, Busy

Well, it was back to the real world this week and it slammed down...but I think I am caught up at work finally (except grading papers). The house is a mess, but it will wait...
We did get some stuff accomplished this week:
*I finished my last project for my Master's class.
*we ordered our invitations to our reception - mark your calendars for april 25th!
*Kevin got all his community service worked out. He is going to spend a week at John 3:16 covering for the caterer there while he is on vacation. And, he may be cooking for the homeless shelter downtown.

This weekend we are busy as usual too. I have my final on Saturday!! And scrappin' Saturday night. Woo-hoo! Kevin is camping with his friends that he camps with from high school twice a year. I call it geek fest, but I'm allowed because he makes fun of our scrappin' too! ha!

The Love Dare update:
Wednesday was easy. It was Love is Thoughtful. Our dare was to contact our spouse at some point during the day with no agenda other than asking how they were doing and if there was anything we could do for them. We are actually good at this one and it was easy for us.
Today's wasn't as easy. Today is Love is not rude. We had to ask our spouse to tell 3 things that cause them to be uncomfortable or irritated with you. OUCH! But we did it and we talked about it and the neat thing was that all the things we listed, the other person was already working to improve on anyway! so....hootie hoo!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I will be super glad to have my final over with - I haven't opened a book yet so I'll be cramming tomorrow night!


Anonymous said...

You are so lucky. I mentioned this love dare thing to my hubby and he just looked at me and rolled his eyes. LOL I'm officially jealous that Kevin is playing along.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that
Geek made fun of scrapbooking.
KEVIN! What were you thinking. I know you secretly want to be in our scrapbook club.