Wednesday, April 22, 2009


If I have neglected anyone lately by way of phone calls, emails, or forgotten something important, I am sorry!! I promise I love you all but we are so busy running everyday lately that I don't know if I am coming or going. I have broken my to-do list down to daily chores & everyday leave work with a list of errands. We have had a lot on our plate, but all good stuff. Reception planning, reception, bible study, community service, planning for catering weekends, name changing...we literally do not have a free weekend until the middle of June. CRAZY! But, this is Kevin's chance to get his catering/concessions business up and running. We are super excited about that!! He has a catering job every weekend in May except Memorial Day. Yay!
All this running has caught up with me though, it is 7pm and I think I am going to bed. I feel like I am coming down with I have time for that! LOL!
Oh, and yesterday's love dare was giving up one of your normal activities to spend time with your spouse. So, I gave up blogging and facebook. But I got all caught up this afternoon! Ha!
Til tomorrow...
(send me "don't be sick" thoughts please!!)


Tasha said...

Sending don;t be sick thoughts, LOL.

Trina said...

Sending, "dont be sick" thoughts too! It sounds like you guys are crazy busy...all good though, and I love to read how you are keeping your priorities in order, never lose track of them. I have to keep myself in check with Den all the time too.

Lindsey said...

Don't be sick and get some rest Lori!!!