Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eventually I will get caught up!

Where have I been? Because you all know I usually spend some time on the computer's how I unwind from work. This has been a crazy, busy week. Here is the run-down in short version:
Monday night - we addressed and stuffed envelopes to mail for the reception (picnic).
Tuesday night - bible study & this time it was in Conway, so we had a little road trip. Kevin gave his testimony at our women's bible study this week, and I was beyond proud of him. How brave to share your darkest moments with people. He has a powerful story to share.
Wednesday - we rented a U-haul and drove to Searcy to empty Kevin's storage building (thank goodness I took a half-day off!!). After that, we drove on to Batesville and dropped off the bedroom suite he had already sold and then drove back home. Can you say travelling Arkansas all day Wednesday?
Tonight we have been getting ready for our yard sale on Saturday. Everything MUST GO! ha!
Oh, and I have managed to get my name changed at the bank, on insurance and at work this week. Woo-hoo!
Now in love dare updates:
We took the weekend off because Kevin was gone camping. But we started back on Monday.
Monday was Love is not irritable. We had to list any wrong motivations in our life.
Tuesday was Love believes the best. We had to get two sheets of paper and write all the positive things about our spouse on one and all the negative on another. We didn't have to show it to the other person, but we had to pick one on the positive list to compliment our spouse on.
Wednesday was love is not jealous. We had to burn the negative list from the day before. Then, share how glad we were with a success they recently had.
And today is love makes good impressions. Our dare was to greet our spouse with enthusiasm when we saw them today. We are actually good at this one already because we are always glad when the other walks through the door. that is it in a nutshell. I will catch up on my blog reading and emails this weekend sometime...promise!


Anonymous said...

Whew! I'm tired!

Lindsey said...

Make sure you take 10 minutes to unwind in a locked room somewhere!!!