Monday, April 20, 2009

Fight Notes

Today's Love Dare - love fights fair....Our dare was to basically talk and agree together on some guidelines or lines we would not cross during a fight. We have a list for both of us and then each have one individual area to work on.
Here is our list ~
In an argument we both agree:
-not to bring up the past (everything before John 3:16 doesn't matter)
-not to argue in front of others
-NEVER say divorce
-not to use profanity

That's our list...and I am going to be more open to his ideas. :-)
Anyone have any good ones they use?


Anonymous said...

If you guys can do this then you will forever be my heroes! When hubby and I fight, we still bring up stuff that happened when we were teenagers! LOL (He is wrong, I am right...of course.)

Lindsey said...

We don't bring up stuff from the past either....I don't think it's a rule, we just don't see the point. I think that is great what you are doing! When we argue, usually one of us goes to the car and drives around the block and comes back....crazy, but it works. It's like our own personal time out, and then we deal with it more calmly. Usually whatever we are arguing about has to do with needing a few minutes of peace and quiet anyway. We try very hard not to sleep mad, it happens once in a while, but not often. When you come up with more, keep sharing!!

Trina said...

Oh what a great dare! We don't ever say I want a's just not an option.

We try to remind each other that anger stems from fear and so we try to say what we are afraid of something instead of why we are angry about something. For instance, if I get mad that Den is speeding I would then say...well I am just afraid you are going to get a ticket and we won't be able to afford it. So Pllleeease don't speed, honey, it makes me nervous. These things work for us.