Friday, April 24, 2009


I am ready for the weekend! Well, mentally I am! Tomorrow is our reception and we will be running around getting last minute stuff done & bought tonight. Because that's how we roll! ha! Any adhesive suggestions to get my chipboard letters to stick to my picture board to display would be GREAT!!???
I am super excited to see everyone tomorrow!!! And ready to eat yummy fish! :-)
Have a great Friday!!


Anonymous said...

they have clear gorilla glue now. That makes anything stick.

Tasha said...

Have fun and take lots of pics to share with Michigan

Lindsey said...

Yes, take LOTS of pictures or designate someone to do that cause you'll be busy!! ENJOY the day!!

L said...

That stuff I have called GLOO initially works pretty good (it's what the women at the scrapbook store told me to buy) but eventually some of the letters always seem to come unstuck. Short of Super Glue I'm just not sure. Maybe you could cut some small strips of velcro that have peel and stick backing????