Sunday, April 19, 2009

This, That and the other...

First, this is my parents new horse sweet is that!?!? Now, they can haul 4 horses AND there is air conditioned living quarters in the front!! This is very important for those July/August horse shows when there is a heat index of 110 degrees. Yee-haw!In other news, Kevin is finally back home from a week of covering for the caterer at John 3:16. It was great community service hours and Bible Study time, but I don't want to be without him for a week again anytime soon!
We really had a good weekend. Yesterday, I got to sleep in for the first time in a very long time. (And, the last time for awhile...our weekends are booked solid!) It was a rainy day and I got to hang around the house for a bit and get some much needed stuff done. Then, I headed to Newport to see the folks and pick up Kevin. I got to the fundraiser that he was at for Unity Fest. The fundraiser was at our old elementary school. It was a little surreal to walk into the cafeteria of Castleberry Elementary. And almost as soon as I sat down, the director must have spotted me because he immediately called Kevin and I to the front. I was NOT prepared for that!!! Luckily, Kevin can talk to anyone and in front of anyone. So, he got the mic and talked up John 3:16 and all it has done for us.
Today we were back there for the church service and I have to say it was a moving service today. The praise reports from the men were just really touching today.
We now have the big smoker back home from my parent's place...the BBQ cooking is about to begin for the 5 weeks of catering Kevin has coming up. Busy, busy...we know we are blessed and thankful for it everyday! :-)
Today's love dare is Love lets the other win. Our dare is to demonstrate love by willingly choosing to give in to an area of disagreeement. Put your spouse's preference first. (This is gonna be a little tough today because we are pretty lovie, dovie after not seeing each other all week! ha!) But, I did like this from the reading: The wise and loving thing to do is to start approaching your disagreements with a willingness to not always insist on your own way.

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