Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend News

Aren't they precious? My friend with the twin girls is moving and had a ton of stuff to put in the yard sale on Saturday. So, these two had a big time running around all morning and playing with their old toys! Then they crashed as we were cleaning up! Kevin really has baby fever now. They still scare me until they are at least out of diapers!! :-)
Anyway...Kevin and I made about $600, so hootie hoo! And, Mom, look how comfy the recliner is that you bought! HA! What an advertisement!! We immediately went to the store after the was burning a hole in our pockets and had to be spent!! It went to a good cause though...the garden is officially started. Yippee! As you can see, it is even bigger than last year. Oh, the plans Mr. Gardener has this year. See his marigolds...apparently they keep certain bugs out of the garden...who knew? Sunday, we went to John 3:16 (see the video in yesterday's post) and I had to leave my Big Bear there for a week. He is covering for the caterer there while he is on his honeymoon. It really is a win-win because Kevin gets to hang out in the Unity House with all his buddies, get some great Bible Study time in, and knock out about half of his community service hours. But, I'll be ready to pick him up on Saturday!
Oh, and it stormed on Sunday while I was gone. Remember how Jax is scared of storms...this is what I came home to:Ha! Usually, he drags everything out in my closet floor, but yesterday he hit the floor of the pantry. Crazy dog!


Becca Barnhart said...

Too funny! Poor Jax, so scared.

Tasha said...

Wow thats a great garden. Great job on the money too. Thats a lot!

Trina said...

The picture of the twins is soooo sweet and delicious!! I can see how anyone may get baby fever with that photograph...hehehe

Ohhhh Lori CONGRATULATIONS on your marriage!!! What a wonderful blessing...I am so thrilled for the two of you!! Wooohooo!!!

I loved Kevin's singing, Den would LOVE him....seriously!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Jax! :(