Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Feelin' Thankful...

We are having some yucky, rainy, stormy weather here in that could affect our concessions again this weekend!! I feel the need to look for blessings rather than what may go wrong depending on this nasty weather!!
**You know I am forever thankful for John 3:16. Last week was a hectic week & Kevin & I had curve ball after curve ball thrown our way. Before John 3:16, this is when Kevin would get overwhelmed and drink. Since John 3:16, everytime we got stressed, Kevin was the spiritual leader of our house and led us in prayer. I have never been so proud or more in love with him! :-)
**I am also thankful for all my supportive friends!!
**Thankful for my new nephews!!**Thankful for old friends...(WE aren't old, we've just been friends since high school - thought I'd better clear that up quick!)Yep, life is good - no matter what this weather decides to do! :-)


Becca Barnhart said...

I love this idea, count your blessings instead of focusing on what is not going good!

Anonymous said...

You are blessed!!