Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finally! Fresh Air!

Even Ms. Fluff is mad at the weather around here...I mean look at that face! ha! After about a month of nothing but rain, what do you expect?Jax will tolerate her if it means he can finally get outside and chill on the deck. Seriously, it has been ridiculous in Arkansas with the rain. people in Seattle do it, I have no idea! I was ready to get outside and get in my flowerbeds!! Finally, the king of the house...Simba...couldn't leave the hunter of the family out. I mean, this weather has really interfered with his hunting!! I am a little concerned about the size of the frogs I saw in the pond this weekend. They are huge...I tried to explain to Mr. Hunter that I did NOT want them in the house! Think he listened?
Kevin was finally able to work in his garden some this weekend too. Ignore the weeds because he only got to do so much before ... you guessed it....more RAIN!
Look at the corn! YUM!

The green beans.... And the first baby squash!!This weekend is supposed to be nice too...but no yard work for us, we are slinging BBQ all weekend again. This will be the first weekend we haven't had to worry about cancellation due to weather! ha! I thought it was April showers bring May flowers....not May showers... :-)
**6 more days with kids (and I'm off Friday, so really 5!!!)

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