Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Official Catering

So far it has been a great weekend and just what we needed! A little breather from the craziness of the concessions job the past three weeks...but Kevin still scored a catering on Saturday. The first official catering of Benson's Catering and Concessions! Yay! He practiced on us scrapbookers Friday night with fajitas, beans and rice. It was YUMMY! And we've decided he can cook for scrapbook night from now on! ha! I will say Kevin is a fantastic cook - he can cook anything!! Mexican, Italian, BBQ...He is pretty hard on himself and isn't always happy with his cooking and looks for ways to improve, but I LOVE it! I can without a doubt say you would not be disappointed if he catered for you!
But this is what happens to the kitchen when he cooks...(of course he was cooking for 50 people) but we need a bigger kitchen FOR SURE! LOL!
Maybe this is why our cleaning lady quit! ha!
I'll be doing dishes from now on...but to me, it sure beats cooking! ha!


Lindsey said...

Sometimes I don't mind retreating to the quietness of the kitchen to do the least it's a moment to myself, for now at least!

He can come and cook for me ANYTIME! Bring on the mexican food!! And I see he has on his new wedding band??

Lori said...

Good eye Lindsey - yep, the jewelry store ordered one exactly like the first one. I told them they might want to order a few!ha!