Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day!!

A big Happy Mom's Day to my Mom!! I sure hope that saying is true that actions speak louder than words because I know I haven't told her near enough how much I love her. I have an awesome Mom. She is always there for us and is a Mom that I can tell anything to and not worry about being judged. I am just sorry that she has had to worry about me and Bubby so much. We certainly didn't make our mistakes in life because we weren't guided in the right direction. We just got a little off the path sometimes on our own.
Even though it was a rainy, yucky day....I hope you had a good day Mom! *thanks for the picture Scott! :-)
Hope everyone had a great Mom's day! We had a full day of travelling is our way of life lately. ha! First stop, John 3:16 and then race back to NLR to my Aunt's house for a Mom's day lunch that we were only an hour and a half late for! But, it's all good. We still got to see everyone and laugh at my Dad for playing Wii Bowling by himself against himself (because he had already beat everyone else) ha!


Trina said...

Arent mothers the best?! Great post!! I loved seeing a picture of you with your mom too. I didn't get to see my mom today, but we had a very nice day with the boys. Maybe next year you will be celebrating as a MOMMY?! hmmm hmmmm???? hehehe

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your Mom is proud of you and your bro in spite of any bad choices! Looks like you've got it all right now anyway! Glad you had a great day...!