Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pause Button

Don't you wish life came with a pause button sometimes? I cannot remember ever being this crazy busy for this long. I feel like I am going nuts sometimes. I just can't seem to keep up. I am super thankful my Masters class ended early this semester or I'd be drowning. Only 9 more work days with the kids. After that, surely things are going to slow down. I just wanna work in my flowerbeds. Is that too much to ask? ha! I hope the weather is nice this weekend and I get to spend some time outside. I need to get lost in some gardening because that is what I love!!
Here's a quick update on the happenings here ~
*We have a much needed 3 day weekend & are off from concessions this weekend.
*Kevin scored a catering in Conway on Saturday. Yeehaw!
*Scrapbook night is tomorrow night & Kevin is cooking fajita's for us! Thanks honey!
*We had our first married couple fight this week. Boo!!! But making up was fun! heehee!
*We are days away from finishing the Love Dare.
*9 school days left (have I said that??)


Tasha said...

Have a fun weekend.

Sorry about the fight, Chris and I are having a bumpy moment this week too :(

Anonymous said...

Just wait until you have kids! It seems like only yesterday was the first day of Kindergarten, and now lovely daughter is going into 8th grade!!

I remember our first married couple fight. It was over money. He donated $50.00 to some charity and I was mad because money was so tight at the time. I'm not that selfish, but we didn't have it to donate at that time. MEN!!

Lori&Kevin said...

Ours was yard work! Ha!

Kevin said...

looks like you found the pause button for the blog. UPDATES! We need Updates!