Sunday, May 31, 2009


Today's service at John 3:16 was AWESOME! The guest preacher today was James Payne. I liked his style...he was blatantly honest and didn't worry about stepping on anyone's toes. He preached from the Bible and then from a real life story. The story he used to make his point was the story of the man who created Domino's Pizza. It was good and very powerful. Did you know that the three dots on the domino on their pizza box stand for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? I didn't until today. Anyway - I am off track.
The main thing I walked away with today was the "domino effect". That things/decisions/actions we have today affect another person. That in turns affects someone else. And keeps going....makes sense to me. I have been just recently on the receiving end of some others "domino effects" in a positive way. For instance, just shopping at Wal-Mart about 2 weeks ago, this woman was beside me in the produce isle and casually said, "I love your freckles." Now...everyone that knows me, knows I hate my freckles! ha! So I told her thanks because I complain about them a lot. She immediately says to me, "Oh, don't do that. God painted your face special. Think about how many people don't have freckles." I liked that! It made me smile, and then I was chatty with the checker as I was leaving and passed it on to her... Not even realizing it. I was just chatty because I was happy. When I was leaving, she said, "thanks you made my day." Pretty cool - huh? I hope she passed it on, and it kept going.
The challenge is to let our light shine. Think of it as a domino effect or a random act of kindness or pay it forward...whatever works for you. Do something nice for someone today. The preacher today passed out domino's to keep in your pocket or purse as a reminder. Good stuff today...God is good! Pass it on!


Cracker said...

Dude needs to check his story. The 3 dots stand for the first 3 Dominoes stores.

But I've always liked the "pay it forward" method.

Kevin said...

I think your both right.

Corporate Domino's cannot claim the representation of the trinity on their boxes. Otherwise, they would not be able to start francises in non-Christian countries like India and throughout Asia.

Originally they were going to add a dot for every pizzeria they openned, but they soon figured out it was not possible.

So why stop at three? Monaghan is a huge donor to christian, mostly catholic missions and charities. He has said its all God's money and I want to use it to it's highest glory possible, getting the most people to heaven.

Amy Gathright said...

Lori - I think this is one of my favorite posts you have made. Love you girl.

Sandy said...

Great sermon! And I'm so glad you paid it forward at Wal-Mart. I wonder how many people caught that domino effect!

Cracker said...

Ah, I gotcha Kev. Good for this guy. I only knew the 3 dot thing from missing a trivia question (Tues Night Trivia!) a few years ago.

I hope the Little Ceasar's guy is as good of a human being as this guy. I've personally given enough to them to build a couple of missions I think. Hey, it's right down the road and it's cheap.