Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sorry Thumper!

Lesson Learned: If you have a garden in your backyard and your husband hears you say, "OHHH...look! We have a rabbit in the backyard!" It's not a good thing and he doesn't think the rabbit is cute. He is worried about his garden and gets his BB gun. I couldn't watch and had to leave the room. Squirrels I can handle...rabbits...they are too cute! ha!
Sorry bunny! Next time I won't say anything! Just stay away from the garden!
**15 school days left!! Woo-hoo!! Bring on summer vacation!!


Becca Barnhart said...

Mean Kevin!!!! The bunny is cute.

Kevin said...

just only STINGS the bunny. makes them run out of the yard. Now, if he starts chewing down tomato plants again, we'll upgrade to a pellet & go Elmer Fudd on him. Rabbit stew. YUMMY!