Monday, May 4, 2009

Still going...

I haven't updated on the Love Dare in over 10 days or so. I cannot give you a daily report or this post would go on and on. But, I will say a few of the challenges over the past few days have been things we have worked through over the past 7 months while Kevin was at John 3:16. I really do highly recommend this book to anyone who is married and struggling or just married and want to have a heightened love for one another. You can do it together or you can do it on your own.
Here are a few from the past few days:
Day 14 - love takes delight "learn to take delight in your spouse again, then to watch your heart actually start to enjoy who they are."
Day 16 - love intercedes - we had to pray for each other in specific areas of need. :-)
Day 17 - loves promotes intimacy - this one dealt with keeping the secrets of your spouse.
Day 22 - love is faithful - on this day we had to dare to say 'I love you period' whenever we disagreed or got irritated. It just so happened to fall on a day that we were running a million errands together, so we used it several times! ha
Day 23 - love protects - this was a GOOD one! I could write an entire post on it! It talks about protecting your marriage from harmful influences, unhealthy relationships, shame, and parasites. Turns out weeding friends that aren't good for you is a good idea after all!
And yesterday was love vs. is love forgives. The dare is something we did months ago or we wouldn't be married...we have forgiven. The slate is clean...we refer to all that as "before John 3:16".
Now...I dare you...go buy this book!!!

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Becca Barnhart said...

I'm glad its going to well. I love hearing about how you guys accepted each "challenge". Love you guys!