Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bloomin' season!!

Welcome to our backyard!
One of my favorite times of year is when my daylillies start blooming...I wish they lasted longer because I love to look at them!! They are almost all in bloom right now and the backyard is full of color. Below is a mum that I transplated a few years ago that blooms in Spring and again in the fall. It is the only one that does that - any one know if that is a special kind of mum? I would like to have more!! And, see the dog crossing stepping stone...another fav of mine! I love the backyard!!!My favorite of my new daylillies that I scored last year from a friend of a friend that gave me a bunch of plants if I would just dig them up. CRAZY! They are gorgeous!!
I like the petals on this one:These light purple are actually my least favorite but they are still pretty. I think I just like the vibrant colors better. is my favorite flowerbed because my pond is hidden behind all those blooms!! This is where the frogs live...I just saved one from the cat! ha!


Lindsey said...

Gorgeous!!! I need you to come to MI to help my backyard!!

Tasha said...

Flowers are so pretty, I just hate taking care of them!

Kevin said...

You beat me to this post. I had pics ready to put on FB bragging on your green thumb. This reminds me of a great movie quote>

"Fliars is purty, um hum" -Karl Childers

Anonymous said...

These are so pretty...I don't have the patience for landscaping and flowers and such. Wish I did though.