Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mixed Emotions

Tomorrow is the last day of school...all who know me well, know what that means...I will be excited that summer is here but sad to let my kids go. I have taught 11 years now and have cried every year (except one) on the last day of school. Whew and that one year was the year I thought I maybe should just give up teaching all together! I got ALL the crazy kids! ha! I can laugh now...not so much then though!!!
I was putting stuff away today and thinking it doesn't seem real that the year is already over. It really went FAST! This was a challenging group at the beginning of the year, but I have really grown to love them....even if they are only good for me and some days even I want to pull my hair out! LOL! Still they are my kiddo's and tomorrow I will be sad to say goodbye. (but I will recover by the next morning! ha!)
Because soon I can say....SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!


Tasha said...

Lets say , YAY for summer!

This year was a tough one for Hannah. She passed 3rd grade by like 7 points. Yes I said 7 points between her passing and failing. I've already been in touch with the director of education for our school district, because I had no idea this was happening until I called her teacher for something and then she told me. Ugh, I hope next year is better.

Anonymous said...

Kaitlyn was sad school was out also.. she LOVED her teacher this year.. and I had a open communication with her so I could stay on top of things to help Kaitlyn and her Teacher... I will miss first grade but excited for a break over the summer.. if you call it a break... we still have to keep up on reading, math, writing, and etc so we don't fall behind in the fall..

Anonymous said...

I think the end of the school year is bittersweet for all involved....the teachers...the students...the parents. Of coruse, the kids probably have the least amount of problem with it. ha

Anonymous said...

...oops. I meant COURSE. Sorry, Teacher!