Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Our catering menu is in the final stages & the graphic designer needed the picture of us for the back of the menu...three days before I get my highlights touched for years to come, this bad hair picture will be on the back of our menu's. Oh well, the food is good and that's what counts! ha!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day at the Lake

Lucky, my bubby's dog is the cutest thing and obsessed with water. But we discovered he isn't quite old enough to be a boat dog yet...he had a few pee issues. Oh, and there was the time he almost jumped out of the boat while it was going full speed. Hmmm...maybe he should stick to land or swimming by the shore! Ha! Me & My Momma
Kevin was captain of the boat for a bit and pulled my Dad, Valerie and Autumn on the tube. Hey! Watch where you're going Big Bear!! Dad's usually driving but he got to have some tube fun.
He liked torturing the girls by lifting the rope and making them fly out past the wake! ha!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Show No Fear by Perri O'Shaughnessy

**Book #11 in my New Year's Resolution to read more books this year... I think I'm gonna make my goal!

From the jacket: Working as a paralegal and attending law school at night, Nina has her hands full. She's fighting for custody of her young son Bob and overseeing a medical malpractice lawsuit on behalf of her mother, Virginia Reilly, whose health is rapidly declining after she suffered complications from an acupuncture procedure. Nina knows the emotional toll a lawsuit can take, but Ginny is determined to sue her doctor - she wants to leave some money for Nina and her troubled brother Matt, when she dies. But Nina's personal stresses are ramped up when a local tragedy plunges Nina into a hunt for a killer - a killer only she believes exists.

My thoughts: The Nina Reilly series is one of the series I love to read. This book was published last year and takes you back to the beginning of the series to show where everything got started. I didn't think I would like it at first, but it was cool to see the background on some of the characters. If anyone is interested in the Nina Reilly series, I would START with this book and then go down the list! But, that's my type A personality and wanting to do things in order! ha!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's happening?

A whole lot of nothing here...but that's good right? We said yesterday we should enjoy these next two weeks together because if we get pregnant, it could be the last time it is just the two of us with no worries for awhile!!! (and no, no baby yet)
**Masters news: I am one HUGE assignment and a final away from being finished with my last class. Both of my B's are from this professor and right now I have a 96%....could I finally make an A in her class???? I am more worried about surviving the fall while trying to do an internship and teach my class at the same time. But I am praying about it...
**School news: I am going to my classroom today to do some work, and I am in serious denial that summer is almost over!!!
**Business news: Kevin is buying a massive fish fryer tomorrow. We will officially be in the fish business!! He is also looking for a part-time job right now to have through the winter to save money for us to buy our own concessions trailer in Feb. or March. We will hopefully then be officially rolling!!
**Only other things happening is chillin', addicted to facebook, working in the flowerbeds (yay) AND yesterday I started scrappin' and I am going to scrap some everyday until school starts!! Woohoo! Oh, and I made my digital wedding album, so I am super excited to get it in and see how it looks in person!! :-)
**See ya after the weekend ~ have a good one!! We are just going to fly by the seat of our pants and see where the weekend takes is good! :-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Go Autumn!!

I haven't made a slideshow in was time! Enjoy! :-)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Riding Barrels

*Autumn riding Doc in barrels. She moved up to the big horses this year. I will be a nervous wreck when she really starts going FAST!! She did place 5th this year once in Buckaroo Barrels on Doc. Take a look...I think it only last about 27 seconds or so!

Friday, July 17, 2009

More camping pictures...

On Sunday, Mom & Dad & Autumn came to the lake and took us out on the boat for a swim...and Kevin brought us a yummy watermelon. Yay for summer!
Kevin's raft is his "man boat" far that $10 has lasted about 3 years! ha!

Yum! Watermelon! (I know I am partial, but my niece is beautiful!!)
A little girl float time...away from all the boys!! :-)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Identity Crisis

*These pictures are from my phone...sorry for the quality.
Last week, Simba was drinking from the dog bowl while Jax ate:
Yesterday, he begged for food with the dog while I was eating lunch:
I am pretty sure Simba thinks he is a DOG!! What do you think? ha!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swimsuit by James Patterson

Hear me on this if you are a reader - Go get this book!!
This book is a must-read for any James Patterson fan OR anyone who loves a good mystery. BEST book I have read in awhile and by far, the best James Patterson book in awhile. Get past the cheesey title, because it is GOOD! I could not put it down and when I did I was thinking about it. A+....I would only spruce up the ending a could be just that I wanted more. Even the inside jacket says "the scariest and most satisfying James Patterson novel sine Kiss the Girls."

From the jacket: A breathtakingly beautiful supermodel disappears from a swimsuit photo shoot at the most glamorous hotel in Hawaii. Only hours after Kim McDaniels goes missing, her parents receive a terrifying phone call. Fearing the worst, they board the first flight to Maui and begin the hunt for their daughter. Ex-cop Ben Hawkins, now a reporter for the LA Times gets the McDaniel assignment. The ineptitude of the local police force defies belief - Ben has to start his own investigation for Kim McDaniels to have a prayer. And for Ben to have a story of a lifetime. All the while, a killer sets the stage for his next production. His audience expects the best - and they won't be disappointed. Swimsuit is a heart-pounding story of fear and desire, transporting you to a place where beauty and murder collide and horrors are hidden within paradise.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wildlife Camping Trip

Our view from our campsite. Most of the time, we sat in two camping chairs facing the water and people/critter watched. We saw a bald eagle one pictures of that though.
The Benson Campsite...this is how we roll...ha!

We did see lots of wildlife on this trip though. Look closely and you will see a baby deer in the middle and then to the right by the tree trunk, you will see another one!! So sweet!

This is momma deer looking for her babies...they got separated for a minute when startled by the car and a kid on his bike. If you look behind her to the right, you can see one of her babies behind the brush.
Someone who camped before us left some watermelon...these geese took care of it though. They ate every bit of it!!
Then, when we were eating peanuts and throwing our shells, I guess they thought we were eating bread and throwing them crumbs. They literally invaded our campsite until they realized we weren't feeding them. I got a little nervous because I've seen these guys hiss and be a little aggressive...but I had Big Bear to protect me! heehee!
We made it home and I cleaned and unpacked all day. I am plotting our next trip already!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Outlook...

I am going to take a page from Simba and Nala's book and chill out and relax!
(they were so sweet today...Simba went to get up and Nala put her paw on him to keep him by her...awww!)
Anyway...I am going to start my relaxing by going camping with my husband this weekend. Woohoo! While I am there, I am NOT taking ANY schoolwork and I will be reading a James Patterson novel. Ahhhh!!! Doesn't that sound better than reading "Administering the School Library Media Center"??? The first chapter is titled "School Library: A Historical Perspective". Yikes!
I have also decided not to let this class eat up my whole summer and keep me from doing what I enjoy. new schedule is to piddle in my flowerbeds in the mornings and work on classwork during the heat of the day. Then, put it away at night. That should keep me on track AND not keep me from my flowerbeds and reading books I want to read. I'll let you know how it works out!
This is why I love working in the is relaxing to me and I love the payoff! This bed is in the front and I have worked hard to get my daylillies to be full all around the base of the big tree out front...this year, they look great!! (in my opinion at least because they look how I envisioned them when I did my planting! ha!)

Have a good weekend! I'll be camping, swimming, enjoying Big Bear's camping cooking, and reading....I love summer again!! Ain't no class gonna get me down for long! heehee!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Top Billing

Kevin's article this week made top billing on the website...check it out:

Burgers and Dogs 101

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One Class...

I keep saying to myself, "It's just one's the last one...I can do this!" URGH! I really liked the past 5 days of not having a class to take. But today was the first day of summer II classes and what a class it was (or will be!). I picked a great one (sarcasm) to go out on - 4 assignments and the reading...URGH! One assignments directions alone were 21 pages!!!! And, another is a research paper!!! So much for my last weeks of summer vacation. I gotta get a new attitude about this by tomorrow. Oh, this is also my professor that I have made both my B's in her class. :-( BUT, this is my last official class for my Masters!!!!!! In the fall, I have my practicum, which is 120 hours working in a library and 3 projects, plus I have my portfolio and presentation. Then, on December 12th, you will hear me shouting, "I am finished and am NEVER going to back to school for another thing!! NEVER!" Ha! Keep thinking...almost raise...almost raise....

The 8th Confession by James Patterson

**Judging from my first class today, this may be the only "leisure" book I get to read this summer! :-(

From the book jacket: As San Francisco's most glamorous millionaires mingle at the party of the year, someone is watching - waiting for a chance to take vengeance on Isa and Ethan Bailey, the city's most celebrated couple. Finally, the killer pinpoints the ideal moment, and it's the perfect murder. Not a trace of evidence is left behind in their glamorous home.
As Detective Lindsay Boxer investigates the high-profile murder, someone else is found brutally executed - a preacher with a message of hope for the homeless. His death nearly falls through the cracks, but when reporter Cindy Thomas hears about it, she knows the story could be huge. Probing deeper into the victim's history, she discovers he may not have been quite as saintly as everyone thought.

My thoughts: I finished it in a day and a half so I must have liked it! ha! My disappointment was that I guessed one of the "endings" early in the book. I like to be kept on my toes and surprised in my readings of mysteries. But, James Patterson is a favorite and it was still a good book. I'd give it a B+. (and I hope I get to read at least one more this summer!!!)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Big Bear Day!

I hope you had a great birthday Big Bear!!I love that you were so proud of this "old timer" hat you bought at a flea market that you went around looking ridiculous in it and not caring what anybody thought! HA! I love that you want to spend time with me on your special day. I absolutely loved going to all the flea markets for treasures!! I had a blast today and hope you did too!!
Love you Big Bear!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


**Look out - one of my various rants coming's been building!

Let's start by getting it out of the way that NONE of us are perfect. None of us. We all have our individual issues and sins. Some of us struggle with addictions, some with gossiping, some with lying, some with adultery. A sin is a sin is a sin. None larger than the other in God's eyes. But I am going to focus on addictions today and how brave the men at John 3:16 are to openly share their struggles. Think about it - they walk around with T-shirts on saying "John 3:16 A Spirtual Bootcamp for Men with Addictions." How many of us would be willing to walk around in a T-shirt labeled "adulterer" or "liar"??? These men are to be commended in my opinion. I admire their strength and determination to get their lives back together and not have any shame about it. These men are able to leave the ministry and reach so many more people than those of us that haven't gone through what they have. The lost can relate to these men. I have so much I want to say and it is going to be so easy to get sidetracked.
I am really ticked off because someone, I don't know who, but someone wanted to see this ministry suffer. Apparently a law passed about two years that two felons cannot live under the same address in Arkansas. UNLESS, they are in a state run facility. John 3:16 is not a state run facility. Why? Because when you bring in the state, you cannot teach Jesus. It's like public school, you can't even say his name, much less TEACH about him. John 3:16 will never be state run. So, they might as well give up that battle!! Let's look at some facts...state run rehabs on average have a 15% success rate. That's NOT much especially when you consider how many people go to these rehabs. John 3:16 has an over 80% success rate. Why? Because they teach JESUS!!! These men are not in 12 step programs. They are in the Bible!! Fact - the state run rehabs have a majority of residents who have been sent there by the courts. The people are there to get out of trouble. Most (not all) are counting down their 49 days or so until they can leave. If all an addict wants is to get out of trouble with the court, then state run is the place to go because it is a short stay AND the court recognizes it. In comparison, John 3:16 is a minimum 6 month stay that can last up to a year. If you just wanna "get out of trouble", are you going to give up a minimum of 6 months of your life? Chances are no...these men are here trying to CHANGE their life. Fact: You cannot even serve community service hours for a church or public school. If you can't serve community service for a church, then do you think you can talk about Jesus in a state rehab? NO! Fact: In a state run rehab or AA meeting, the men have to stand up and say "My name is K. I am 35 years old. I am an alcoholic and a sorry s.o.b." At John 3:16, they say, "My name is K. I am 35 years old, and I've got a home in Gloryland that outshines the sun." See the difference??? Now, state run facilities, your percentages MIGHT go up if you would STOP beating these men down - making them feel like deadbeats and nobodies and start building them up. Give them something to live for...oh wait, you can't talk about Jesus, so what are you going to give them? Well, Praise God there is a place called John 3:16 Ministries in Charlotte, Arkansas. Shame on you state for taking men from that safe place that was NOT costing the taxpayers one red cent and putting them somewhere else where the taxpayers would have to pay for them instead. Shame on you state for being so caught up in money and trying to overtake something that WORKS for these men that you forgot about the humans involved. The lives that are affected. The families that are affected. Shame on you for being jealous of the success rate of John 3:16 ministries. Here is an idea...try taking something else from them...take some ideas from them....take a little Jesus from them. Because you NEED it! We all need Jesus - through Him anything is possible!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th!

Hope everyone has a fun, safe 4th of July. For the first time since I have lived in this house, I won't be home shooting fireworks with my neighbors. :-( We will be working a catering instead. The good news is that instead of blowing all our money at a fireworks stand, we will be earning money instead! woohoo!
Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Check it out!

Kevin's column was released here to get to read it! He's famous! ha!

**If the link doesn't open, try later...they are switching servers! :)