Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's happening?

A whole lot of nothing here...but that's good right? We said yesterday we should enjoy these next two weeks together because if we get pregnant, it could be the last time it is just the two of us with no worries for awhile!!! (and no, no baby yet)
**Masters news: I am one HUGE assignment and a final away from being finished with my last class. Both of my B's are from this professor and right now I have a 96%....could I finally make an A in her class???? I am more worried about surviving the fall while trying to do an internship and teach my class at the same time. But I am praying about it...
**School news: I am going to my classroom today to do some work, and I am in serious denial that summer is almost over!!!
**Business news: Kevin is buying a massive fish fryer tomorrow. We will officially be in the fish business!! He is also looking for a part-time job right now to have through the winter to save money for us to buy our own concessions trailer in Feb. or March. We will hopefully then be officially rolling!!
**Only other things happening is chillin', addicted to facebook, working in the flowerbeds (yay) AND yesterday I started scrappin' and I am going to scrap some everyday until school starts!! Woohoo! Oh, and I made my digital wedding album, so I am super excited to get it in and see how it looks in person!! :-)
**See ya after the weekend ~ have a good one!! We are just going to fly by the seat of our pants and see where the weekend takes is good! :-)

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Becca B. said...

A 'fly byt he seat of your pants' weekend sounds fun! Are you going back up to school any next week? I'm planning on going on Monday, and maybe other days, haven't decided yet though which ones....