Monday, July 13, 2009

Wildlife Camping Trip

Our view from our campsite. Most of the time, we sat in two camping chairs facing the water and people/critter watched. We saw a bald eagle one pictures of that though.
The Benson Campsite...this is how we roll...ha!

We did see lots of wildlife on this trip though. Look closely and you will see a baby deer in the middle and then to the right by the tree trunk, you will see another one!! So sweet!

This is momma deer looking for her babies...they got separated for a minute when startled by the car and a kid on his bike. If you look behind her to the right, you can see one of her babies behind the brush.
Someone who camped before us left some watermelon...these geese took care of it though. They ate every bit of it!!
Then, when we were eating peanuts and throwing our shells, I guess they thought we were eating bread and throwing them crumbs. They literally invaded our campsite until they realized we weren't feeding them. I got a little nervous because I've seen these guys hiss and be a little aggressive...but I had Big Bear to protect me! heehee!
We made it home and I cleaned and unpacked all day. I am plotting our next trip already!!


Lindsey said...

What fun!!! I would love to be camping right now!!

Tasha said...

Sounds like a fun time and I lkove seeing all those animals!

Becca B. said...

Those are some big geese, I'd get a bit nervous too!

Anonymous said...

You're really starting to make this camping stuff look fun. Maybe I should give it a try. NEXT year. heehee