Thursday, August 27, 2009

And the name is...

And she's making herself right at home!
And, she won me over tonight. How could I resist the puppy breath and soft fur? I didn't stand a chance!! Add to that, she actually used the doggie door all by herself and went outside to potty and came right back in. Wow!
In not so good news, the chewing has started...even with all the toys and bones, she found a book and chewed on it. The joys of puppyhood! In case you were wondering, we also have two very TICKED OFF cats in the house. Simba and Nala do not feel the love for Stella at all. She has been beat up by them a couple times ~ poor thing!
I almost made it through today without crying...even Stella's cuteness can't take away my ache for my Jax. I miss the old guy and will for a long time.
I promise updates on my new class soon. The first week of school was a blur with all the other going on, but I really think I have a good class this year. They seem pretty sweet. Yay!


Laura said...

Oooo! I LOVE Stella! I didn't even think about that name! One of my friends named her lab Stella and it's just the cutest little name! She is precious! I hope she doesn't start digging up your lilies!!!!

Miss you tonight!!

Vader's Mom said...

I love the name! And I'll let you know that Vader is also a termite. He loved the walls, wood furniture... and my tennis shoes (but only when I was wearing them). The chewing didn't last long though so I hope she grows out of it quickly.

Does she have narcolepsy? Vader used to be running full force across the house then fall asleep. Then wake up and finish the run. It was the funniest thing ever!

Tasha said...

Stella, what an awesome name. It fits her in that adorable picture!

Anonymous said...

Miss Stella is so PEEERRRRTY!!