Friday, August 7, 2009


Me and Mom ready for our night on the town! (Check out my new back to school hair cut! heehee!) The concert was not disappointing!!
We love both groups and have seen them both before but not together! Great combo - Sugarland and Keith Urban! Sugarland opened up and played for about an hour. I could have listened to them longer. They were good but they were better when we saw them in Jonesboro with Little Big Town. But, they were the main event at that one. I love Jennifer Nettles energy and enthusiam! They broke down the stage and had it ready for Keith Urban within 30 minutes. He is just AWESOME in concert! AWESOME! He does a great mix of slow, sit on the stool and sing to us and then get on your feet and jam! Awesome! I am sad that I didn't take my cell phone in...never again. Because at one point he came within 12 rows of us into the crowd and was singing...I was in awe! :-)
Anyway....enjoy this video in honor of my mother/daughter night:


Lindsey said...

You both look so happy!

llcoolsmith said...

That was so much fun! I wish we could have run into you there! Yes - I LOVED Sugarland...probably the best. Jennifer is just the cutest! I died laughing when she was talking about "THE Twitter". Glad you and Mom had good times too!! I got major blog help and learned how to do it from my phone, so I think you'll be seeing more frequent and better postings from me. :)

Love ya toots! Miss ya mucho!!