Monday, August 10, 2009

Last Day of Summer Vacation...

How was my last day of summer vacation spent? Worrying over my baby boy, Jax - that's how! He had me worked up into a crying tizzy this morning. He's been sick for days and this morning finally refused to eat anything and was breathing hard. So...since he is 11 1/2 and every time he gets sick, I think the worst, we went to the vet. Well, when they fed him, he apparently scarfed down the food like he was starving!! They wanted to know what the deal was because he seemed to be eating fine....hmmm??? Bring him home and again tonight he didn't want to eat. I think he is working his momma on that one. He begged for dinner food just fine. But he didn't get any! Anyway....they did a full blood panel to send to the lab and we should know the results in a few days. Just playing it safe because cancer is common in senior boxers.
"I really am sick momma! I just liked their food better!"
I love a gray boxer face!
Simba, on the other hand, could care less his buddy was gone and wishes that Kevin and I would hurry up and get out of his house during the day. I mean, how is a cat supposed to nap with all this noise? HA!
Kevin cheered me up with a GREAT dinner...check it out...crawfish etouffee and boudin (one of my favs!!!) YUM!! Praise God for a husband that cooks and cooks GOOD food!! And, tomorrow, back to work...I'm kinda ready!


Laura said...

Bless Jax's heart! I hope he gets to feeling better soon! You may have to switch to Alpo or something! ;)

Lindsey said...

I hope he is back to his crazy ways ASAP!!! Here's to doggie hugs!

Good luck on your first day back. It's always "not so bad" once you're there and socializing, right?

Tasha said...

I hope he is okay...Maybe he knows school is coming soon and he won't have you all the time anymore!