Monday, August 31, 2009

Long Day

What a Monday! It was LONG and I better just buck up and get used to it for awhile. After teaching all day, I went to a middle school to log in some of my hours for my practicum. I think I'm really going to like it. It's just going to be a challenge to keep everything caught up. You know how a woman's work is never after a 10 hour day, I still had laundry, a messy house and bills to pay. Luckily though, I don't have to cook! Thanks Kevin!

In Stella news, she is definitely a Lab. I think Vader's Mom said it best when she called her Lab a termite. Yep....even with the abundance of chew toys, she gets in trouble for chewing on EVERYTHING!!

I need the weekend already...not a good sign! Ha!


Laura said...

I feel for ya!! This has been a long summer!!! I've been exhausted and living for the weekends! Need a scrappin' night soon!!

Lindsey said...

Uh oh on the chewing! Keep your valuables safe! I hope the rest of the week goes FAST for you!!!

Vader's Mom said...

Sorry to hear you have a termite too - I promise she'll grow out of it! (Vader has since become a cow. He loves grass now!)

Anonymous said...

You are so busy!! An old teacher used to say busy people are happy people! Is it true?? I can't wait to meet Stella (I'm working backward through your blog, trying to play catch up! ha)