Thursday, September 17, 2009


My schedule is insane right now and blogging could be hit and miss until the end of November when I finish this practicum experience. I don't think I am handling the stress of this week very well, but I will try to do better next week. Two nights (including tonight) I have gotten home around 8 pm after leaving the house before 7 am. I am a homebody. I don't like that. I miss my husband and I miss having FUN!
More later....just didn't want you to worry if I am not up to my regular posting. I'm sure you'll get a venting post really soon judging from this week!!! All I can say right now is thank God tomorrow is Friday!!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you posted this because just yesterday I was thinking....if she doesn't call me back today I am going to start to worry!

Lindsey said...

Hang in there and the time will come and go!! November isn't that far off! There's always those sick days you have in the bank too, you know!