Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

How did our weekend go? Something like this:
*Friday night scrap/girls night for me. MUCH needed stress reliever!!
*Saturday - went to pick up Kevin at John 3:16 (He was helping them with some caterings & we are still a one car household around here.)
*Listen to the Razorback game on radio which led to Kevin's stereo system working its way from garage to entertainment center! ha!

*Caught up on grading papers...whew!
*Caught up on books for caterings.
*Caught up on SLEEP!!
*Caught up on housework and laundry!
*Updated class website
*Caught up on ironing (hate ironing!! would rather do it all at once than each day)
*Had a fun day today of socializing Stella - she went to Petco (again), a friends house with two kids and two boxers (awesome socialization there!), and to the river....where she had her first swim. And, as the proud parents we are - we got pictures of the event AND video! (Go ahead, roll your eyes...we don't care! ha!)


Laura said...

Aww! Stella! What a cute girl! Glad you had a good weekend!

Tasha said...

Girl you need another 3 day weekend to busy!

Lindsey said...

We have REELS of Bidder as a puppy too!!! You just can't help it they are so cute and fuN!!