Monday, September 21, 2009


Here's a little side "funny" one...(and it has to do with the dog - maybe I should rename this blog? Ha!)
We were at my Mom's on Friday night and I went to look for another toy for Stella to play went something like this:
As I chunk a brown dog stuffed animal her way - "Here take's old...I've had it since high school."
Kevin : "You still have that?"
Me: "Yea...Mom keeps stuff."
Kevin: " I bought that for you. I still remember buying it at Purdy's. It cost a small fortune. It's a Gund!"
Me: "Ohhhh...sorry! I didn't remember. Want me to take it from her?"
Might have been cute to save for a future baby...but technically Stella is our first little girl. And, like I said to Kevin...when you bought it all those years ago, did you ever think that 20 years later your girlfriend would be your wife and your very own brown dog would be chewing on it?" HA!

I mean, this is how she feel asleep...who could take that away? So, Mom, we kinda stole it on back to our house! Hope you don't mind! :-)


Becca B. said...

Love it! Thats such a cute turn of events!

Lindsey said...

Awwwwwwww that is such a cute story!!! Bidder actually plays with all her toys, so I'm sure Stella will too!! Toys are such a big deal to them!!!