Sunday, September 20, 2009

Puppy Therapy

Seriously - what better way to end a stressful week than to spend the night at my parent's place taking care of a bunch of puppies!! Puppy breath = no stress!! Aren't they cute?
I had a hard time not bringing this little guy home!! He and Stella played and he kept coming and sitting at my feet and giving me those sad eyes. I had to keep telling myself no because I want a boxer and I don't need 3 dogs. Repeat after me - I don't need 3 dogs. Right? ha! I am telling you, there is a reason that God gave me Jax for all those years. Jax wouldn't let me bring all these strays home! :-)

Anyway - the deal with these cute little pups is that the owners of their parents moved and left their dogs behind. Mom kept going down the road and feeding them and eventually brought them home with her after trying to find a home with no luck. There were three dogs left behind and she did find a home for one of them. So...long story short, the girl dog ends up preggers and now Mom has 7 mutt puppies to find homes for. They are ready to go...anyone interested? They will be mid-size dogs and are pretty darn cute! I think the little black ones kind of look like boston terriers. They sure gave me some laughs on Saturday!
Stella had a big time on the farm Saturday - she learned to master the stairs at my parent's, got attacked by Autumn's dog (she deserved it and was pestering her), got put in time-out for not minding me, played with the pups, rubbed noses with the cats (these have claws!), ran through every mud and water puddle on the property, and was introduced to horses! Big Day!

Thanks for puppy day Mom! I can't come back though until they are in their forever homes, so I am not tempted for that forever home to be mine!! HA!


Tasha said...

The puppies are so sweet...Sounds like a busy day for Miss Stella.

PS How do you put a dog in time out? :)

Lindsey said...

Awwwwww I miss the puppy days!!! You are giving me the fever!

Lori said...

Tasha - you put them up in the pen where they have to sit and watch the other puppies play! ha!