Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This year's crop

It is the second full week of school and I have barely mentioned by new crop of kiddo's. We have just had too much going on here and honestly the first 3 days of school were a blur of just getting through the day without crying over Mr. Jax.
Things are starting to settle down a bit and the kiddo's are starting to settle in...as in, I can tell who is sweet and who isn't! ha!
I honestly think they are a pretty good group. I am sure we will have our days, but they seem like a good bunch and pretty polite and sweet. It's gonna be a good year...maybe the year the go out on and move to the library...I wanna go out on a high note! :-)
Here are my boys:
And the girls:
3rd grade ROCKS!


Vader's Mom said...

Good Luck!! It does look like you have a good group of kiddos - definitely some attitude!

Lindsey said...

Your class looks great! Love those new clothes:) You look fab too Lori! I'll be sad when you go to the library because who will I PenPal with:( Speaking of that, when I return to my room, do you want to start up the letter writing again? I'd love to if you have time! How's the baby Stella doing? How is your house holding up? I guess we just got lucky with Bidder and her not chewing on things. Here's to hoping Stella grows out of it!! She might you know!

Anonymous said...

Cute kids!! I love the girl with her hand on her hip....she looks spunky! ATTITUDE!

Laura said...

Woo hoo! Go MIZZ Benson!! Miss you on Friday! Have fun!