Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wrappin' up October

How about a little random post of what's going on? It's really kind of the same ole, same ole though...
The weather in Arkansas is depressing right now. We have gotten more rain than Seattle in the past two months, but I think after tomorrow, we may see the sun!!
And, at our house, we are raining cats and puppies! ha!
These two really are sweet! Stella and Rex have really bonded and King is big old love bug!! He is going to make someone a really good dog! They seem to be potty trained as long as they have a doggie door. (Now, King does have to be dragged out in the rain though, because he thinks he will melt.) I can't believe there isn't an application on him yet. I expect to have an email any day now.
This week was report card week and parent conference week. All I can say about that is "thank God tomorrow is Friday!" AND scrap night!!
With my Masters, I am finishing up writing my grant on Saturday and starting on Project III (my final project!!). I can see the end in sight!!! I think I am at 37 days until I graduate!! Yeeeeee!!!!!!
In yucky news, we spent $800 at the car shop this week...isn't that the worst - spending money on un-fun things? Is it just a woman thing to hate buying things like washers, dryers, tires....yuck! I mean, just think of the scrapbook stuff I could buy with that money! LOL! But seriously, God has really been watching over Kevin. There were exposed wires that the mechanics had no idea how he didn't catch on fire going down the road. And, one of his tires had a hole in it!!! Yikes!
Have a peaceful Friday! :-)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let me hear you say "awwwww!"

**40 days and I will have my masters! After one week more week, I will be on the downhill slide! yeehaw!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Camping

Kevin and Stella - she was a good camping dog (except for being afraid of getting in the pop-up camper).
Kevin is such a good cook - all the time! His camping meals are just as yummy as everything else he does! I am super lucky to have a hubs who likes to cook for me!
Kevin dropped me and Stella off and we took this trail back to camp. Girls only! ha!
There were so many gorgeous views and spots to go to - the only complaint I've got is that there was only ONE trail that was dog friendly. We were severely limited on what trails we could hike because we had Stella. That is crazy!
My favorite!
Our camp was pretty much surrounded by woods so Stella got to romp and play! And, on the first night our camp was raided by coons. They even stole our cutlery tote ... we never found it! ha!
According to Kevin, this is proof that I am ruining a perfectly good lab! LOL!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rex is in the house!

And how stinkin' cute is he? Precious!!!
The name Rex is the winner and I have to give credit to my cousin, Kristen's boyfriend. He came up with it - the R is for Rocky and X is for Jax. My first two boys are honored in my new baby. I love it!
Today as soon as we got home from camping, I headed back out to pick up the boxers. Remember, we are also fostering his brother King (who is gorgeous and loves Stella and is a mess! ha!). This house has been crazy today but I love it! Right now, the cats are chilling in the living room and all three dogs are in here too...and I am content! Being the animal lover that I am, this is what makes it a home for me. And having a husband that is ok with that...well, that makes me love him even more!

Thank you BoxAR rescue for having the patience to help me find a rescue that would get along with my cats and keep them safe. I will happily provide Rex with a loving home where he will never go hungry again. :-)
I have a boxer to love....I am smiling again....our house is complete!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The two boxer pups that caused all the excitement yesterday...Below is the bigger of the two, currently called King, at 38.4 lbs. Bonus: They have been living with other dogs, a cat and kids with no problems. They are covered in fleas and have worms but will be fixed up in both areas pronto!
And, this one below has the Benson name all over him. He must have been the runt of the litter. He is just 28 lbs. and so stinkin' cute!!! He hasn't had one accident in his kennel (since yesterday). He is currently called Bubba.
I am liking the names Rex, Jesse or Ozzy right now...AHHHHH!!!
We will get them either Sunday or Monday. Did I mention we are fostering the other one until they find a home for it? I temporarily got caught up in all the excitement! ha! Good thing my husband loves me so much! :-)
Here is a video link of them:
Remember you too can be as giddy as I am - go to the BoxAR site and adopt a boxer in need! :-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good News!

Little background: This morning I found out that Easter does not like cats and was heartworm positive. I could treat the heartworms, but not deal with the cat issue. So, that meant the only other 2 possibilities already had applications on them. I said, "well, let me know if one falls through or if anything new comes in and we'll go from there."


That afternoon BoxAR got in two 5 month old boxer male puppies!!! Puppies rarely come into rescue!!! They called me first because they didn't have any boxers that were going to work with me because of the cats. So.....soon we will be adding a boxer pup to the Benson household. He is just one month older than Stella. I see big buddies and fun times ahead!! I haven't stopped grinning yet. I am a boxer momma again!

Pics as soon as I get them!!
Oh, and I need boy names please. I had only thought of girl ones!!

*You know what I'm grateful for today! ha!
**46 days until I have my masters!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Search continues...

Ok...the search for the next Benson continues....
What do you think of this little face?
Her name is Easter (so, we'd need a new name! ha!). When I took Leila back yesterday, I met Butch. It reaffirmed for me that I am ready for a little, petite girl. This is a little I think I might meet her next. I didn't really want to go the fawn/black mask route again, but she doesn't look like Jax to me at all.
More to come on that....feel free to check out the BoxAR website and put in your two cents worth on who we should look at. Maddie has an application in on her and if that falls through, we might meet her. But, she looks way too much like Jax for me I think.
*Today I am grateful for my independent, alone time! Some people don't need it, but I do! :-)
**47 days until I have my masters!!! We are in the 40's!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend Visitor

**Updated at bottom on Sunday morning.
Leila is here and Stella is pretty pumped about it! They have ran and wrestled and played - crashed - and then ran, wrestled and played some more!
She is so darn cute and I love her short snout...and the way she snorts like Jax did...and how playful she is with Stella...and the way her whole body wiggles. But, and it's a big one, I am worried about the way she is with the cats - can't get a good feel for it!

We went to Lake Sylvia this afternoon for a little 2 mi. hike. Stella had a blast!

Leila didn't complain but when we got to the car, she put her feet up right away to get in and go home! ha! And on the way home, they both passed out in the back! Mission accomplished!
Update: Well, we all loved Leila. She is an awesome little girl and will make a family that doesn't have cats very happy. Unfortunately, she isn't the girl for us. My job as Simba and Nala's momma is to insure their safety. Other than the cat issue, Leila is a really sweet and loving girl. I pray she finds a home deserving of her.
As for us, we have all the time in the world to find the boxer that is right for us...and I'm sure Stella will enjoy the search the most! :-)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good Mood!

Today was a good day! I had a 12 hour day that was supposed to be a 13 hour day and I am grateful to be released from my workshop an hour early!! Woohoo! Plus, it is my last 13 hour Thursday! Boy, that can drag you down...but no more! :-)
So, let's stay on good stuff - this past weekend Kevin and I had a concessions job at one of my niece's horse shows (hence the Wordless Wednesday). It was also her birthday weekend! She was the center of attention! It only took 3 men to get her birthday cake lit. ha! She was dressed as Strawberry Shortcake for her Halloween event. I helped her get dressed and then had 10 hot chocolate orders to fill, so I never got a picture. I'll have to get one from my sis-in-law and share. It was cute!
My niece just gets more beautiful with each year! :-)
And yes, there are horses on the cake!ha
In other good news, the fish fryer got broken in over the weekend and Kevin had another fish fry catering today. Yeehaw!
And...there's more! Tomorrow I get to pick up Leila for her weekend visit. Fingers and toes are crossed!!!
Only 51 days until I have my masters - almost in the 40's! ha!
My motto is "if this were easy, everyone would have their master's degree."
Have a great weekend and send good doggie thoughts to our house!! :-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cat day (Hiss!)

I want to thank you for the prayers...I know you are praying for me because the past two days after getting everything off my chest, I have felt better. I have had two good days in a row. I had a moment tonight where I wanted to cave into a pity party because I didn't even have $10 to go buy Stella a new duck (hers is officially dead - been de-quacked and has no head! ha). But payday is Thursday...Stella is a dog...and a duck isn't a necessity. Now I do feel badly that I forgot it was Simba and Nala's birthday and have no treat for them? Yes, but Shhh, they don't know they are cats and not real kids!!! Payday is coming and a trip to Petsmart is a must! We will pretend their birthday is over the weekend. They will never know! LOL! honor of the favorite pictures of them. The last two were taken a loooonnng time ago, and I have always loved them.

Nala - my fluffy, beauty queen of the house (that really only loves ME!) Ha!
And, Simba - our little trouble maker!!

I have had these two for 13 years now. And they are still ticked at me right now that there is a puppy in the house driving them insane. What they don't know is that this weekend yet another dog is coming to the house!! Oh, the fun!

*Today I am grateful for my Bubby. He sent me an encouraging message, and I am glad that we are back to having a good relationship. Love you Bubby!

**53 days until I have my masters!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Can't think of a title...

Sometimes the title is the hardest part - ha!
Today was better...maybe just getting everything out is what I needed. I laughed today - real laughs - not fake ones. Good sign.
It was a long day, but I do really enjoy working at the middle school library on Monday afternoon's. My day started with a good conversation with my boss and ended with a Beth Moore Bible study. I will wrap it up as a good one.
Today I am most grateful that Kevin was able to drive himself to work. Yay!
**54 days until I have my masters degree.

Here's what I am looking forward to this week....Leila is coming to our house this weekend for her overnight trial run. :-)

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I have debated on if I should talk about this or just keep on keeping it under wraps...but anytime I have let my struggles out, it never fails, someone has emailed and had the same struggle and it helped them. So - maybe talking/typing this out will help someone else or help me get back to being ME! I have said before that I have struggled with depression once before in my past right after my divorce. I have also said that I never, ever want to go through that again. I don't think I am necessarily depressed right now, but I know enough from having been there before to know I am walking a fine line. I could easily fall into it. I am fighting everyday to stay on this side of it and each day I am afraid I am going to fail and let myself sink. Letting myself sink into it would be the easy thing to do because honestly right now each day is a struggle. I am doing everything I can to fight it - I am too busy to let myself lay around and sleep (which is what I did before). Everyday I try to write down a Bible verse to help me through the day. I also think about all the good things and things I am thankful for. I am doing all that and reading my Bible every night and praying for strength.
I feel like a juggler with too many balls in the air and most days I seem to be dropping at least one or two of the balls. I have all the housework, my masters projects, my internship hours, a husband, a puppy, a classroom, bills to pay that we barely scrape by each month, helping Kevin start a business, driving Kevin everywhere he needs to go....I can't do it all. I am doing the best I can, but it doesn't seem to be good enough. I do want to say that I am super grateful for Nancy and Jill - two friends that without them the past few months, I would have sunk. They seem to be the only ones that "get" what I am dealing with and understand and try to help. I know part of it is that I am not good at asking for help. I am sometimes too independent for my own good. I need to let go ... and I have a lot - my house is wreck on a good day. That ball gets dropped every day! I am exhausted. I am hopeful that now that Kevin can drive (as of Friday - woohoo), that things will improve some. Right now, I am working all day and working in a library after work and often after a 10 hour day, having to come home and get Kevin where he needed to be or help him with catering errands. It has been crazy exhausting. This last semester of my masters is going to kill me. I think I now know first hand what a panic attack is - on Wednesday, I sat in Nancy's office floor trying to catch my breath and crying-saying"I can't handle everything I have to do." Thank God for Nancy - she listened and prayed right there with me. I know without God in my life right now, I would have already sunk back into depression.
I have tried to cover and not show that I am weighted down. I have tried to leave all my work at work so I can spend time with Kevin & Stella when I am home. I don't know if that's a good plan or not because I don't think Kevin sees how overwhelmed I am. I just want my life back - I want to laugh and not have a million things I need to do when I leave work. I want to leave work at work. I haven't laughed in a long time. I don't get to do what I want to do. Have you ever read the book "The Giving Tree"? That's what I feel like - I got nothing else to give. I really do feel bad that I don't have time to call friends or just chat...I am always thinking about all the obligations I need to be doing next. I just can't relax. Even when Kevin was gone camping last weekend, I worked all weekend because I didn't have to feel guilty about it and could get a lot done. I just don't know what to do to make life go back to happy. I don't want to wait 55 days to be happy. I want it NOW! is heavy and I am praying to let it all go. I know we all have burdens and things that drag us down. I am not always good about letting people in but I am letting you in now - pray for me please. Help me stay positive and win this battle. I am going to focus on the good. The good news right now is that one load has been lifted - Kevin can drive again. His insurance was cheaper than we thought too! And, he is doing good - my struggles have nothing to do with Kevin. This is about me.
So, now, it's out and in the open - I am not wonder woman. Turns out I can't do it all.
From now until I graduate and get some normalcy back to my life and schedule, I am going to post one thing a day that I am grateful for - you will just have to deal with it! :-)

Today I am grateful I passed my Praxis II. Whew! Without it, my masters would be worthless.
**55 days until I have my masters.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where the Red Fern Grows

**Book 13 for my new year's resolution to read more this year than last. :-)

You all know the story of this book so a summary isn't needed. I have been reading it at school during our D.E.A.R. (drop everything and read) time each day. I brought it home last night because I was on the last two chapters and knew I would cry. Oh, and cry I did! But, still, it was such as good book. Good books bring out our emotions. This book is a must read for dog lovers. It shows the relationship between a dog and a boy better than any other, I think. And, the relationship between two dogs that grow up together!! It was so long ago that I read it the first time that it was honestly like reading it for the first time. Old Dan and Little Ann...:-)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mind is racing...

...with all the things to do. Wish me luck tomorrow with Donuts with day will start at 4:30 in the morning and I will work in the middle school library after school so.....loooonnnng day! I will have to load up on Krispy Kreme to have energy! ha! Right now, I keep running through my checklist - do I have this? do I have that? do I have enough? do I have too much? Ahhhhhhh!!!!!
*6 kids were out sick today. yikes! The number keeps growing!
*60 days until I have my masters - thank goodness that number keeps shrinking! ha
I did have bible study today and am loving doing a Beth Moore Bible study...I love that it challenges me to think about God's word beyond just reading it.

yeehaw - is it Friday yet?

Monday, October 5, 2009


Today was just a bad Monday all day long...well until I got home!
(focus on the fur kids - not me! ha!) Can you feel the love? See there is hope for a peaceful household again! LOL!
The flu has officially hit my room. I had four out with fevers on Friday and four new ones today. One Mom emailed to let me know it was flu for sure. Oh yay! I pray I don't get it bad that I don't have time to be sick??? This is going to be one of those crazy, busy weeks that I have to take a day at a time. Wednesday is Donuts with Dad and I will be getting up at 4:30 am and then working at the Middle School library after school. Thursday is one of those days when I get home about 8 at night. Urgh! And, Kevin has me working concessions all weekend. So, I won't even be able to sleep in then...boohoo!
Good thing I enjoyed my weekend of peace and quiet this past weekend. Kevin and Stella went camping on a boys trip. I guess since she's a dog, she can go even though she's a girl. She was one tired puppy when she got home. I snapped this super cute picture of her sleeping with duck.
Here's to a better tomorrow!! :-)
**61 days until I have masters!!!**

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Love at first sight

I met Leila in person today...this is her "at attention" look:
I don't think you can truly tell from the picture how small she is - she is probably half the size Jax (the greatest dog ever) was.
Bonnie said she is a little shy until she knows she can trust you. And, she was in my lap within a minute giving me some good boxer kisses. I am pretty sure this means I am her new momma!! She has the sweetest smushy face and the sweetest eyes and her ears crack me up how they stand up a little. Within 15 minutes, she was ready to play, so I think she will make a great playmate for Stella. The only thing that will break this deal is if she is a cat chaser/killer. I just can't imagine that she will be because she is so precious!!
We are bringing her home in 2 weeks for an overnight. I hope I can make it that long! ha! If we didn't have a big concessions job this upcoming weekend, it would be sooner.
Look at that face - instant love!