Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cat day (Hiss!)

I want to thank you for the prayers...I know you are praying for me because the past two days after getting everything off my chest, I have felt better. I have had two good days in a row. I had a moment tonight where I wanted to cave into a pity party because I didn't even have $10 to go buy Stella a new duck (hers is officially dead - been de-quacked and has no head! ha). But payday is Thursday...Stella is a dog...and a duck isn't a necessity. Now I do feel badly that I forgot it was Simba and Nala's birthday and have no treat for them? Yes, but Shhh, they don't know they are cats and not real kids!!! Payday is coming and a trip to Petsmart is a must! We will pretend their birthday is over the weekend. They will never know! LOL! So...in honor of the cats...my favorite pictures of them. The last two were taken a loooonnng time ago, and I have always loved them.

Nala - my fluffy, beauty queen of the house (that really only loves ME!) Ha!
And, Simba - our little trouble maker!!

I have had these two for 13 years now. And they are still ticked at me right now that there is a puppy in the house driving them insane. What they don't know is that this weekend yet another dog is coming to the house!! Oh, the fun!

*Today I am grateful for my Bubby. He sent me an encouraging message, and I am glad that we are back to having a good relationship. Love you Bubby!

**53 days until I have my masters!


Tasha said...

We always celebrate our birthdays on the weekend anyways...I'm sure the cats won't mind :)

53 days....Did you break it down? Whats there to look forward to in the short run...I have one for you.

The cats birthday and a trip to pet smart, see thats easy...

Love YA!

Anonymous said...

Of all days for me to decide to catch up on my blog reading...the day you posted pictures of CATS!! LOL You know I'm terrified, but I guess since they are your cats and I luvvvv you so much I can probably find the courage to wish them a happy birthday!! Happy B-day kitties!! :)~