Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Camping

Kevin and Stella - she was a good camping dog (except for being afraid of getting in the pop-up camper).
Kevin is such a good cook - all the time! His camping meals are just as yummy as everything else he does! I am super lucky to have a hubs who likes to cook for me!
Kevin dropped me and Stella off and we took this trail back to camp. Girls only! ha!
There were so many gorgeous views and spots to go to - the only complaint I've got is that there was only ONE trail that was dog friendly. We were severely limited on what trails we could hike because we had Stella. That is crazy!
My favorite!
Our camp was pretty much surrounded by woods so Stella got to romp and play! And, on the first night our camp was raided by coons. They even stole our cutlery tote ... we never found it! ha!
According to Kevin, this is proof that I am ruining a perfectly good lab! LOL!

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Vader's Mom said...

Stella looks like she is having a blast!!! And you can't ruin a lab - they can only ruin you :)