Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good Mood!

Today was a good day! I had a 12 hour day that was supposed to be a 13 hour day and I am grateful to be released from my workshop an hour early!! Woohoo! Plus, it is my last 13 hour Thursday! Boy, that can drag you down...but no more! :-)
So, let's stay on good stuff - this past weekend Kevin and I had a concessions job at one of my niece's horse shows (hence the Wordless Wednesday). It was also her birthday weekend! She was the center of attention! It only took 3 men to get her birthday cake lit. ha! She was dressed as Strawberry Shortcake for her Halloween event. I helped her get dressed and then had 10 hot chocolate orders to fill, so I never got a picture. I'll have to get one from my sis-in-law and share. It was cute!
My niece just gets more beautiful with each year! :-)
And yes, there are horses on the cake!ha
In other good news, the fish fryer got broken in over the weekend and Kevin had another fish fry catering today. Yeehaw!
And...there's more! Tomorrow I get to pick up Leila for her weekend visit. Fingers and toes are crossed!!!
Only 51 days until I have my masters - almost in the 40's! ha!
My motto is "if this were easy, everyone would have their master's degree."
Have a great weekend and send good doggie thoughts to our house!! :-)

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Lindsey said...

I agree with your motto on the masters. I think any masters program just PILES on the work because they want to see if you really have the stamina to complete the program. That in itself is worth the masters!!!!

PS-Do you want to do penpals this year or are you too swamped??