Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good News!

Little background: This morning I found out that Easter does not like cats and was heartworm positive. I could treat the heartworms, but not deal with the cat issue. So, that meant the only other 2 possibilities already had applications on them. I said, "well, let me know if one falls through or if anything new comes in and we'll go from there."


That afternoon BoxAR got in two 5 month old boxer male puppies!!! Puppies rarely come into rescue!!! They called me first because they didn't have any boxers that were going to work with me because of the cats. So.....soon we will be adding a boxer pup to the Benson household. He is just one month older than Stella. I see big buddies and fun times ahead!! I haven't stopped grinning yet. I am a boxer momma again!

Pics as soon as I get them!!
Oh, and I need boy names please. I had only thought of girl ones!!

*You know what I'm grateful for today! ha!
**46 days until I have my masters!


Tasha said...

I KNEW IT! I prayed for you that you would find someone to complete your house and it happened. Good things happen to good people and I am SOOOO happy for you! I cannot wait to see pics of the new puppy....Now any names in the pot yet????

Sandy said...

YeeHaw! Can't wait to meet the new Benson Boxer Boy! Maybe his name should be Big Bear....oh, wait, name is taken....See you tonight!