Monday, October 5, 2009


Today was just a bad Monday all day long...well until I got home!
(focus on the fur kids - not me! ha!) Can you feel the love? See there is hope for a peaceful household again! LOL!
The flu has officially hit my room. I had four out with fevers on Friday and four new ones today. One Mom emailed to let me know it was flu for sure. Oh yay! I pray I don't get it bad that I don't have time to be sick??? This is going to be one of those crazy, busy weeks that I have to take a day at a time. Wednesday is Donuts with Dad and I will be getting up at 4:30 am and then working at the Middle School library after school. Thursday is one of those days when I get home about 8 at night. Urgh! And, Kevin has me working concessions all weekend. So, I won't even be able to sleep in then...boohoo!
Good thing I enjoyed my weekend of peace and quiet this past weekend. Kevin and Stella went camping on a boys trip. I guess since she's a dog, she can go even though she's a girl. She was one tired puppy when she got home. I snapped this super cute picture of her sleeping with duck.
Here's to a better tomorrow!! :-)
**61 days until I have masters!!!**

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Tasha said...

Just hang in there...Maybe one of those rewards day would be great after this week....:)