Monday, October 19, 2009

Search continues...

Ok...the search for the next Benson continues....
What do you think of this little face?
Her name is Easter (so, we'd need a new name! ha!). When I took Leila back yesterday, I met Butch. It reaffirmed for me that I am ready for a little, petite girl. This is a little I think I might meet her next. I didn't really want to go the fawn/black mask route again, but she doesn't look like Jax to me at all.
More to come on that....feel free to check out the BoxAR website and put in your two cents worth on who we should look at. Maddie has an application in on her and if that falls through, we might meet her. But, she looks way too much like Jax for me I think.
*Today I am grateful for my independent, alone time! Some people don't need it, but I do! :-)
**47 days until I have my masters!!! We are in the 40's!!!

1 comment:

Tasha said...

She is cute....And I don;t think she looks like Jax that much...Hope it works out soon!