Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wrappin' up October

How about a little random post of what's going on? It's really kind of the same ole, same ole though...
The weather in Arkansas is depressing right now. We have gotten more rain than Seattle in the past two months, but I think after tomorrow, we may see the sun!!
And, at our house, we are raining cats and puppies! ha!
These two really are sweet! Stella and Rex have really bonded and King is big old love bug!! He is going to make someone a really good dog! They seem to be potty trained as long as they have a doggie door. (Now, King does have to be dragged out in the rain though, because he thinks he will melt.) I can't believe there isn't an application on him yet. I expect to have an email any day now.
This week was report card week and parent conference week. All I can say about that is "thank God tomorrow is Friday!" AND scrap night!!
With my Masters, I am finishing up writing my grant on Saturday and starting on Project III (my final project!!). I can see the end in sight!!! I think I am at 37 days until I graduate!! Yeeeeee!!!!!!
In yucky news, we spent $800 at the car shop this week...isn't that the worst - spending money on un-fun things? Is it just a woman thing to hate buying things like washers, dryers, tires....yuck! I mean, just think of the scrapbook stuff I could buy with that money! LOL! But seriously, God has really been watching over Kevin. There were exposed wires that the mechanics had no idea how he didn't catch on fire going down the road. And, one of his tires had a hole in it!!! Yikes!
Have a peaceful Friday! :-)


Anonymous said...

they are soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

oops that was me

Vader's Mom said...

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. I'm impressed at your fur-kids and how well they are all getting along.

Lindsey said...

The fur kids are CUTIEEEEEEEEEES!!!