Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crunch Time

It has been a crazy week! We had the last minute ballgame of my niece's, PTA meeting the next night (urgh...makes for a LONG day!), proofing my portfolio last night and of course, my family dinner night at TaMolly's. :-) Tonight I am going to finish my proofing and uploading of assignments. Then, I have a workshop tomorrow and turn in my hour logs for my internship!!! ahhh!!! After that, we have Kevin's family Thanksgiving this weekend AND a big catering on Sunday for 350 people. Kevin has been running around as crazy as me this week delivering turkeys and doing caterings (answered prayer!). So....that's what is going on here. As soon as the weekend is over, I will build my power point presentation that I will present to my professors on December 5th and I am DONE! In less than a week, everything is I am very, very close here! Ok....gotta get busy proofing and uploading!
I leave you with this adorable picture of my spoiled boxer boy...when he is outside he naps here on the cushions...rotten!
Oh, and in other more humbling news, someone (I don't know who) nominated me for teacher of the year. Crazy! I was super surprised and honored to even be nominated because I work with an incredible staff. Amazingly overachieving group of teachers!! A definite blessing just to work there...makes me step up my game.
ok, ok....I am going now!

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Tasha said...

congrats on being nominated...thats a great honor..