Friday, November 27, 2009

Enjoying Turkey Vacation!

5 days off is GREAT and just gets me ready for Christmas break! 2 full weeks...that's what I'm talking about! ha! This vacation has been nice because I have NO projects OR papers to grade! woohoo! I have scrubbed this house and it is the cleanest it's been since the cleaning lady quit on us! :-)Rex sleeps in some crazy positions! ha! We've napped, cleaned, read some, played on the computer, caught up on the DVR, AND.....ordered my graduation present to myself!! A new laptop and camera! AHHH!! I can't wait! I was impressed with my online night before Black Friday deal!!
And, all the turkeys got delivered....we were swimming in turkeys around here. Kevin wasn't happy with how his fried turkeys turned out. But I thought it was good. When he ain't happy though, it only means that the next batch will be even better. He's smoking our 2 turkey's and a ham for our family Turkey day tomorrow right now....yum!

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Anonymous said...

Haha Smudges lays like that on my lap. I cradle her in my arms like a baby, she takes that position, and I rock her to sleep...all I need is a little pink blanket!