Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just in time...

I need a vacation and this week is one...I just wish it started tomorrow like so many other schools around here. Oh well, we go Monday and Tuesday and that's not too bad. Actually, tomorrow will be a cool day because the kids bring in their native american projects and I can't wait to see how they turned out!!
I am exhausted from this weekend. We drove to NE Arkansas and back on Friday and Saturday. A 3 hour drive Friday night to Kevin's parents house to turn around and do it less than 24 hours later. urgh! But, Kevin had a big catering today for 350 folks so we had to get back and start cooking. He has worked me like a dog today! I am bone tired! So, I'm about to crash. But, yummo, that BBQ was good tonight!!
I did manage to build my powerpoint presentation this morning while Kevin was running errands. So, I am officially all done with my workload. All that is left for me is my presentation on the 5th of December. Yeehaw!!!
Crashing ... more tomorrow! And, Kevin is making fun of me for the amount of puppy pictures I post, but I don't care...I may post one every single day this week. Who can resist a puppy face? ha!

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