Thursday, November 5, 2009

On this day in November, I am thankful for...

My husband, Kevin...thank you for cooking for me and taking care of me...thank you for fighting your way back to sobriety and thank you for being a husband who is not afraid to show his love for God. Thank you for all the ways you tried to make me feel better when we said goodbye to Jax. Thank you for the little things like offering to help me grade papers until I finish my masters work. Thank you for being laid back and not caring that I brought home an extra dog! I loved you even more when you said I could even keep him if I wanted to. (But we are not having 3 big dogs! ha) You have always been my best friend and I am grateful that you are now my husband.
I love you Kevin!
By the way, totally stole this idea from Tasha. I doubt I can do this everyday in November...but at least once a week. :-)


Tasha said...

Awwww so sweet!

Laski said...

THAT is totally sweet!!! Awe, what a guy!

You need to e-mail me--laskigal AT gmail DOT com--we should be FB friends :)