Monday, November 2, 2009

Say Cheese!

We had to get a family picture made with the dogs for the success page of the BoxAR website. Now, THAT wasn't an easy task but it sure got a lot of laughs out of us! Keep in mind - we are the only ones home and are using the self timer on the camera. Picture me running to get on the couch and usually chasing at least one dog along the way.King was "cleaning his boy parts" in this he got cropped right out! ha!
Disclaimer: King is in the family photos because how were we supposed to kick him out?
He is still looking for his forever home and is turning out to be an awesome dog!! There is one lucky family out there for him....are you his mommy? :-) I am hoping he goes to someone I know so I can keep up with him (and maybe even babysit from time to time).
Our happy crew!

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Sandy said...

Love it! Now all you are missing are the two cats and the Christmas outfits! Good luck with that one. Ha.