Sunday, November 8, 2009

What's Happening?

What a great weekend! I need more four day work weeks. (I skipped teacher meetings on Friday....cough! cough! So a four day work week where I don't have to go back and clean up after a sub! Bonus!)
This post won't be totally about the dogs but you know I will sprinkle pictures throughout to make you smile! They sure make me smile! :-)
In doggie news: We are down to just our two! King went to stay with an awesome couple who adopted a boxer from BoxAR a few months ago. Their first adoptee is pretty high-maintanence and needed a buddy. Enter King. And, he was the perfect gentleman and won them over right away. I knew he was going to stay when the girl texted me Saturday morning that she went and got him his own bed and halter. He will be spoiled rotten AND the best part is that this couple and I have a mutual friend, so I will get to keep in touch! yay!

In masters news: I am so close to completion it is ridiculous! I am now finished with all my projects for my practicum. Yeehaw! I worked on my last project on Friday and Saturday morning. It shouldn't have taken that long, but I kept procrastinating. However, in my avoidance, I got a clean house for the first time in AGES! Laundry is done. Did my nails. Walked the dogs. Caught up on the DVR. ha! You get the picture!
My last project is turned in for grading. I have only two weeks left of working in the library after school. The only biggie that stands between me and graduation is my portfolio. is going to take some work. Why am I blogging? Why did I nap today? Why did I work in a flowerbed? Good questions!! I have zero motivation to work on it! It's got to kick in soon! I have one weekend left to work on it because we have Kevin's family Thanksgiving the weekend before it's due. Send some motivation my way please!!The cats are finally coming out of hiding and staying around now that there are only two dogs to contend with rather than three. We have all piled in the bed several times! And, every time, I smile from ear to ear. Love it! Maybe I should just be a furkid mom!! :-) Below is how Rex handled his brother leaving (insert snoring for full effect!) LOL!

Only other things happening around here are Bible study, Kevin golfing and a few caterings. Oh, and we are frying or smoking turkeys for people for Thanksgiving or Christmas! FUN!

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