Sunday, December 27, 2009

Church Home

It's official! Big day for the Benson's ~ we now have a church to call home. We've been visiting off and on all summer. Then, in September, we started going every week. We decided to go to a Sunday night Explorers Bible Study class for 8 weeks and after the class decide for sure if this was the church for us. It was AWESOME to do that Bible study because the preacher, Brother Tom, sat in on the class and we were able to get to know him. He is such an approachable person and his messages each week get us fired up. I absolutely LOVE the praise team and even find myself singing along a little too loudly sometimes. (I can't carry a tune! ha) A few other bonuses: it is 7 minutes from our house rather than 2 hours to Batesville - ha! And, they are getting ready to start a Celebrate Recovery group that we hope to be involved in and help with. All in all a great day. My cheeks hurt from smiling after church and everyone welcoming us. We even went to eat lunch with our first couple friends from church. God is good ALL the time!!

**Christmas updates and pics coming. Had to get this date recorded!! In the past few days, I have gone backwards in the blog to read about where we were a year ago and in March when we got married. It reminded me the reason I blog is to record the events in our lives. This is our online journal. If you are reading, I am glad you are a part of it! :-)

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Tasha said...

congrats on the new church home!