Sunday, December 20, 2009

Found it!

You can all stop worrying...I found my Christmas spirit at Church this morning! What a service and definitely worth getting up at 5 am to make it back home for! :-) The music was awesome, the message gave me chills and the visual of the Christmas program of the nativity scene brought tears to my eyes. Kevin and I have resolved to read the Christmas story from the Bible every year on Christmas Eve to remind ourselves what the season is about. I think my problem this year was that I was caught up in the "holiday" and the pressures of having to buy presents when we really have no extra money to buy presents with...that zaps the fun out of giving really fast! But this morning, I was reminded that it isn't about the "holiday"....we are celebrating the birth of Christ!! That is something to get excited about! (And, as a bonus, for the nativity scene the Shepard's walked in a REAL sheep IN THE CHURCH!) Cool right? LOL!
Merry Christmas!!!