Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009 is at an end today and I took a little time to go back to the old blog and through old posts on this one and remember the highs and lows that made up life in 2009.
Starting with the low's so we end on a high note...
Low points of 2009:
~struggling through my Masters work and losing touch with everyone in the process
~starting the year with Kevin away at John 3:16 (kind of a high and a low)
~Kevin's Grandmother passing away
~losing my cousin's wife to cancer
~facing reality after John 3:16 Ministries
~being broke!!
~saying good-bye to my sweet boxer boy, Jax

High's of 2009:
~getting married to my best friend!
~going to St. Lucia on our honeymoon
~starting a business
~scrapbook retreat weekend (lots of laughs)
~reception at John 3:16 with tons of family and friends
~camping trips
~Bible studies
~finding and joining Indian Springs Baptist Church
~getting Stella
~rescuing Rex and fostering his brother
~surviving my internship
~finishing my Masters (finally!!)
~getting back involved with BoxAR Rescue (just as a volunteer this time around - not as a board member!)
~getting an awesome sister-in-law (I've always wanted a sister!)
~deciding to try having a family of our own (scary!)
~finally understanding that a relationship with God is the key to a happy life!

Many more high's than low's! Wonder what 2010 will bring??

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Tasha said...

Those are some great highs...I love being there for you during he highs and lows I remember almost all those times..Happy New Year to you and your family. May this year be filled with many more highs.