Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rewind one more time...Christmas Day

We will call this ...the year Christmas went to the dogs! ha! Christmas afternoon was at my parents house. Kevin and I had a big Christmas morning breakfast and exchanged our presents. We did stocking stuffers this year and it was fun! One of mine was a Librarian action figure with amazing shushing action. Ha! We stuffed our stockings to the brim so there were other goodies too...and of course, Simba, Nala, Rex, and Stella all had stockings that Santa didn't forget to stuff. After all that fun, we piled the pups in the car and headed to Newport. Well, my mom has 3 inside dogs and my brother also travels with his dog....so, we had 6 dogs in the house for Christmas this year. And it went well! (Probably because their grandma got them all presents too so they wanted to be extra good for her! ha!) Here are my nieces trying to get all the dogs in one picture: Kevin had just woken up from a little Christmas Day nap! :-)
Love this picture of my Bubby's fam:
The girls were also super happy that they got a Wii this year...although, their daddy and grandpa took it over! LOL!
If you haven't figured it out yet, Kevin is a big kid! heehee!
Such good car riders and it is a good thing...what is normally a one and half hour drive was a two hour and twenty minute drive home because of flooding and the interstate still being closed. Then, the road they detoured us to was also flooded so traffic was completely stopped at times.
A good family day...

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